30 June 2010

Post-80s Questionnaire

The answers to our quest for personal happiness and fulfillment are not necessarily found in textbooks. They come as affirmative experiences when we engage in behavior that resonates within our soul -- filling emptiness with meaning, turning challenges and setbacks into strength, experience and progress. Read More

19 June 2009

Could Your Life Be Better than Your Dreams?

Thousands of tributaries culminate in the mighty Yangtze River; millions of individual stars make up heaven’s great constellations. Our world is what we make of it; through the effort of all of you who are capable of achieving your dreams and who care about the well-being of others, we can build a... Read More

06 July 2007

Your Wonderful Life

It is more than technique, credentials, networking and experiences. True success is the ever-growing manifestation of your willing and unique spirit, where your perspectives, your values and principles create a multi-dimensional life. Read More

29 June 2005

A Prospect Greater than the Sky

A person who is adept at learning can foresee and seize the future, able to meld observation, experience and knowledge into wisdom and apply it in such a way that enables him to hold steadfast to his dreams and make short work of the most arduous tasks. Read More