08 July 2022

Defrauders Alert

It has come to our attention that some unscrupulous parties have been passing themselves off as the Li Ka Shing Foundation (“the Foundation”), its Founder or related entities in carrying out fraudulent activities in China (including Hong Kong SAR) and around the world. These activities are mainly... Read More

11 December 2020

Science Reshapes Human Destiny

Mr Li Ka-shing recently attended two virtual celebrations through Zoom hosted by University of Alberta and University of California, Berkeley, to congratulate Professor Michael Houghton and Professor Jennifer Doudna after they were presented with their 2020 Nobel Prizes in Medicine and Chemistry at their... Read More

08 October 2020

Building The Good Of Science

One can imagine the feeling of utter elation when great scientists like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein made their seminal discoveries that forever changed the course of mankind’s understanding of the world around us. Today we feel the same sense of euphoria with the recognition that two Li Ka Shing... Read More