my third son

“In Asia, our traditional values encourage and even demand that wealth and means pass through lineage as an imperative duty.

I urge and hope to persuade all of us in Asia that if we are in a position to do so, that we transcend this traditional belief. Our reorientation of perspective today could bring forth great hope and promises for the future. I set up a foundation that I refer to as my third son. This idea dawns on me like enlightenment, not coming from any books. Since 1980, I have dedicated to this son not only my assets but all my heart, and I believe that my colleagues in the foundation and my family are – and will remain – as committed as I am to serve his causes, reshaping destiny through education and seeking efficient initiatives that can forever help those in need.” Li Ka-shing – 2006


Li Ka-shing believes that the Asian culture of giving should evolve into philanthropy with social impact that can make a difference to broader communities.

With this in mind, we have three main focuses at the Foundation:

a new
culture of giving

To nurture a new philanthropic attitude in Asia

support education reform initiatives

To create a paradigm shift that develops positive and sustainable change

advance medical research and services

To foster a healthier world by assisting research and services