Hong Kong

Donation of HK$10 million to support the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Interventions Subsidy Scheme (2024-26) of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital


Hong Kong

HK$1 million to support the Opera Hong Kong “LKSF-OHK Young Artist Overseas Fellowships” Programme

HK$3 million to support the Hong Kong Kidney Foundation’s Home Nocturnal Haemodialysis Programme

GI Scan Subsidy Programme at the University of Hong Kong for patients with gastroenterology and liver diseases to undergo multiphasic cross-sectional imaging


HK$20 million to support earthquake relief work in Gansu Province

HK$30 million to support flood relief efforts in Beijing-Tianjin and Northeast China

RMB 10 million to support the medical aid program for the underprivileged at the Shantou University Medical College Affiliated Hospitals

RMB 100 million to support the construction of a new inpatient building of Chaozhou People’s Hospital

RMB 1 million to subsidise the Shanghai Little White Pigeon Dance Troupe


US$25 million to support Philanthropy Asia Alliance to promote innovative solutions to address issues of Asian and global concern


Hong Kong

HK$4 million to support research on obstructive sleep apnea and lung cancer diagnosis at LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong

Assistance scheme for accident victims in the construction industry

Support the Education University of Hong Kong in Popularising AI Education

HK$150 million to support the Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s research funding

HK$5 million to support the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing in promoting the continuing education of specialist nurses

LKSF sponsors Total Knee Replacement Surgery Programme Support topped up to HK$60 million

CK Group and Li Ka-shing Foundation each makes a donation of HK$ 3M to the Community Chest of Hong Kong Pandemic Rainbow Fund

HK$2 million to fund the Hong Kong Sensory Integration Training and Professional Development Centre of SAHK (cumulative donation HK$4M)

HK$2 million to support the TREATS Inclusive Sports for All programme (cumulative donation HK$3M)

Donation of HK$5 million to TWGHs Li Ka Shing College to set up a scholarship and to improve teaching facilities

A Donation of more than HK$70 million to fight against Covid-19

– to support private hospitals in Hong Kong to receive non-COVID-19 patients to relieve the pressure on the public healthcare system

– to fund elderly homes to purchase protective materials

– to help Food Angel provide meals for the underprivileged during the pandemic


Donation of RMB 10 million to support the haemodialysis programme at SUMC First and Second Affiliated Hospitals


Hong Kong

HK$5 million to subsidise patients with chest pain to undergo coronary computed tomography angiography at LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong

HK$5.6 million to support Sailability Hong Kong to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to learn sailing

Li Ka Shing Medical Fellowship for Internal Medicine at the Department of Medicine, LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong

CK Group/Li Ka Shing Foundation launches $20 million voucher lucky draw website (20 July 2021)

LKSF Sponsors Total Knee Replacement Surgery Programme Support Topped Up to HK$40 million

HK$4 million support for Hong Kong Kidney Foundation’s Home Nocturnal Haemodialysis program

CK Group and Li Ka Shing Foundation Give Away $20 Million CK Group Coupons to Encourage Vaccination

HKD$30m donation to the Chinese University of Hong Kong to upgrade the research facilities in the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences (LiHS)

HK$20 million support for Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas)’s Total Knee Replacement programme

LKSF presents PARKnSHOP coupons worth of HK$200 to all 97,000 Hospital Authority staff to thank them for unwavering commitment and dedication protecting Hong Kong people

HK$4.1 million support for radiological examination at HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine for patients with gastroenterology and liver diseases in Queen Mary Hospital


HKD$20m to support the disaster relief efforts for the devastating floods in Henan

Shanghai’s Little Pigeon Dancing Group’s performance of Shanghai style children musical “Xiao Balazi”


An additional C$1 million to support the University of Ottawa to carry out chronic spinal cord injuries research


Hong Kong

The Foundation has contributed more than HK$3.1 billion to cover the land acquisition and construction costs, as well as the Monastery’s operating expenses

Donation of HK$5 million for the publication of Hong Kong Chronicles

HK$3 million emergency relief fund donated to relatives of the victims of Yau Ma Tei fire

HK$1.5 million to celebrate the centenary of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce

A Vision for the Future – HK$170M to boost HK’s competitiveness

“LOVE CAN HELP II”: New HK$ 100 Million Grant In Support Of Medical and Welfare Service for Hong Kong

Fight Against Virus – Mainland and Hong Kong Together as One
  HK$ 180 million to support the global fight against the virus


Two Li Ka Shing Chair Professors, Prof. Michael Houghton and Prof. Jennifer Doudna, awarded Nobel Prizes 2020 in Medicine and Chemistry respectively

Dr. Qui-Lim Choo and Dr. George Kuo, members of Prof. M. Houghton’s team, honored with the same Nobel prize money of US$380,000 each

C$500,000 to PALLIUM CANADA to support frontline professionals in palliative care


Major Projects (*Long-term):

Hong Kong

HK$1 Billion Crunch Time Instant Relief Fund for SMEs

Grand Opening of Tsz Shan Monastery* cum Inauguration of Buddhist Art Museum

Caritas Family Crisis Hotline and Education Centre

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Transcatheter Cardiovascular Interventions Subsidy Scheme

MARS Scanner and Related Research at University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Glaucoma Research at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Direction Association for the Handicapped Vocational Training

Saildrone Autonomous Circumnavigation of Antarctica with Real-time data for Hong Kong Students

Microfluidic Symposium in Hong Kong hosted by Gordon Research Conferences



*Tuition Free Academic Scholarships for students of Shantou University and Medical College

*“Heart of Gold” Nationwide Hospice Service Program

*Nationwide Medical Relief for the Poor

Kumbum Tibetan Medical Hospital Medical Aid

Westlake University – Research and Development

Education and Scientific Research Industry Chain in Zhejiang and Shanghai

Zhejiang University – Ba De-nian Medical Education Development Fund and Women’s Development Program

Shanghai’s Little Pigeon Dancing Group


University of Ottawa Plant-derived Cellulose Biomaterials Research

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Future Now Expedition to Australia


Contribution to support Australia’s first CAR T-cell immunotherapy trial at University of Sydney

The Foundation and CK Hutchison have donated US$3 million and US$2 million respectively to aid Indonesia’s emergency relief efforts

Establish an “educational and scientific research industry chain” in Jiangxi

The Foundation initiated “Love Can Help” Medical Assistance Programme in collaboration with HA and two Faculties of Medicine

CK Group and the Foundation commemorate the 50th anniversary of Community Chest

Second contribution to “Sounds Great”

Support social enterprises

Establish e-learning platforms and scholarships at EdUHK

Kung Fu Cha Cha completes the world’s toughest rowing challenge, setting four world records


Development of Tsz Shan Monastery began in 2003; opened to the public in 2015

The Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology inauguration ceremony took place in Shantou University

State Council Research on Global Trend of Technology Innovation

China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation to promote voluntary organ donation scheme

Centre for Data-Driven Healthcare Transformation at St. Michael’s Hospital, a collaboration with SUMC and affiliated hospitals

Oxford University Rhodes Scholarship for Chinese Scholars

Earthquake Relief in Nepal (US$1 million)

Ministry of Education approved preparation for the establishment of Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology, a collaboration between STU and Technion


Shantou University join forces with Israel’s Technion to create the new Guangdong Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) in Guangdong province

McGill University Student and Faculty Exchange Programs commenced

University of Oxford Centre for Health Information and Discovery

March of Social Engineers to support social workers

Relief for earthquake in Sichuan

Relief for flood in Shantou

Stanford University Big Data Conference

New phase of Project Define to support women village officers and civil servants

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology student leadership initiatives


Love Ideas — Women’s Project Guangdong launches

Donation to Cornell University Hospital for Special Surgery The Osteoarthritis Initiative research program

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Evolutionary Computation funded

UC San Francisco Precision Medicine funded

Technion — Israel Institute of Technology academic programs created

The Chinese University of Hong Kong/Prince of Wales Hospital received TrueBeam radiotherapy system

Love Ideas, Love HK – three rounds completed for mobilizing social engagement

“Serene Teen” Child and Youth Wellness Centre at Nethersole Hospital funded

Polytechnic University of Hong Kong multimedia platform funded

Ying Wa Girls’ School Student Development Fund set up

Relief for victims of Lamma Island Ferry Accident

Oxford University Big Data Conference


Teach for China support announced

250 Love Ideas, Love HK projects received funding

Stanford Research Institute Information Technology Education Technical Entrepreneurships supported

Stanford Research Institute Cornerstone Maths Project (UK) for STEM education

State of the art TrueBeam technology launched at Shantou University Medical College’s Affiliated-Cancer Hospital

Yale University advanced medical research supported

Relief for earthquake and Tsunami in northeastern Japan


Love Ideas, Love HK, first program under Love HK Your Way is launched, grants for 177 projects awarded

Contribution made to HKSAR Government Community Care Fund

333 Companion Learning Leadership Programme support announced

Project Define for women’s solidarity and leadership announced

Donation to the University of Alberta for virus-based disease research announced


Pediatric Hernia Repair Program in western China started

Emergency relief for heavy rains in Taiwan


Heart of Gold Hong Kong Hospice Service Program begins, resulting in 10 hospice centres to date

Caritas Family Crisis Hotline and Education Centre support announced

Construction begins on Stanford University’s Learning and Knowledge Center for transformation of medical education

Project New Life for cleft lip surgery announced

Earthquake relief and rebuilding programs in Sichuan


National University of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy endowed scholarships created

University of Oxford Global Health Programme announced

China Disabled Persons’ Federation Cheung Kong New Milestone Program Phase 2 funded

Hainan Province rural healthcare facilities support announced

Endowed professorship at the University of Calgary to nurture innovation among next generation of engineers launched

Royal Flying Doctor Service Healthy Living Program support announced


Shaanxi Province rural healthcare facilities supported

Guangdong Police Medical Relief Foundation supported

Flood Relief in Chaozhou

University of Utah Hinckley Institute of Politics for political and humanitarian internship program support announced


University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine for medical education and research received funding

The University of Hong Kong Li Chong Yuet-ming Buddhist Studies Research Fund set up

Establishment of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Institute of Health Sciences for advancing public health

St. Paul’s Co-educational College campus expansion and bursary funded

Tsz Ming Buddhist Centre support announced

Ta’er Si Temple Medical Relief for the Poor in Qinghai

UC Berkeley received funding for Biomedical and Health Sciences Center

Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital announces Knowledge Institute plan

Institute Pasteur for research on avian flu and other emerging diseases supported


Caring is Hip new model of rural healthcare launched

Relief for southeast Asian earthquake and tsunami


Donation of rice for flood and earthquake victims in Yunnan

Chaozhou Guangji Bridge restoration began

Donations to support fight against SARS


Singapore Management University receives donation for new library

Joint Shantou International Eye Center opened

Chevening Scholarship for overseas learning experience funded

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business to nurture next generation of business leaders founded


STAND (Satellite Transmission Advance Network for Distance Learning) funded

Hospice service expanded nationwide (now 32 hospices accross the nation)

Shanghai Jinshan Zhongren Nursing Home donation made

Inner Mongolia snow storm relief for schools and students


Prince of Wales Hospital Li Ka Shing Specialist Clinics (South Wing)


Yunnan earthquake relief


70 Foundation primary schools in Chaozhou rebuilt over next five years

The National Ballet of China performances supported


Li Ka Shing Physiotherapy Building at the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital completed

East China flood relief


Began funding care homes for the elderly in Hong Kong (now 5 care homes across the city)


Collaboration with China Disabled Persons’ Federation for Nationwide Disability begins


Kaiyuan Temple restoration support began


Shantou University is founded

Expansion of Chaozhou Central Hospital funded


The Li Ka Shing Foundation is established

Construction of Chaozhou Hospital begins

Donation to Prince of Wales Hospital Specialist Clinics (North Wing)