What Does Education Promise

01 August 2003

People often asked me why Shantou University is named as Shantou University. I often thought why not . Some commented that the name is too provincial , well , should form matter more than substance ? In this day and age, through technological means, the osmosis effect of knowledge is only too evident. The hurdle is not geographical but more in the hearts of men, with our tendency to compartmentalize incessantly and dwell only in our differences and discontent. Globalization divides as much as it unites, this tension , the proximity to difference post to us all a formidable challenge. We will need wisdom to face issues of economic inequality, environmental destruction, the breakdown of human dignity and in our pursuit of peace.

A life of wisdom is a life of reason, blind ignorance is our only true enemy. That is why education is so important. It is not merely a degree or a certificate to a better life, it should provide us with the tools to navigate our life, it should be a journey of discovery and self-discovery, your professional and linguistic skills, your creative and critical mind, all intertwined to help you to achieve and to serve with passion and a balanced mind. It is for this reason that education is the cornerstone of tradition and progression, of dignity and wisdom and our tools to reshape destiny. This is what education promises.