Press Releases

“Love Ideas –
Women’s Project Guangdong”
Phase Two kicks off

12 March 2014

(March 7, 2014 – Guangdong) Phase two of “Love Ideas – Women’s Project Guangdong” kicked off today in a launching ceremony along with a mid-term sharing session held in Guangzhou, Guangdong.

The first phase was implemented successfully, with 88 projects funded, that are selected by Guangdong citizens with over five million votes in 2013. The 88 social organization projects directly serve 100,000 and benefit nearly 500,000 people in 18 cities across Guangdong. The women’s project achieved success on several levels: 1) Raised public awareness – ten training sessions and two partners meetings were held during the implementation of the first phase. The events were widely publicized on social media, drawing over 26,000 comments from the public; 2) Broadened scope of service – The 88 projects being funded offers a wide range of support, including healthcare for women, girls’ education, poverty relief, elderly, disabled services, as well as non-traditional areas such as women’s development, women’s employment, micro loans, and environmental protection; 3) Professional service standards – The 88 projects funded are operated by well-established organizations focused on community services, deep-rooted social needs, and diverse community participation. The majority of the projects were carried out in a programmatic manner, through small groups, cases, seminars, workshops, and outreach programs. Many of the projects also established collaborations between social workers, volunteers and professionals; 4) Social impact and recognition – “Love Ideas – Women’s Project Guangdong” received a “Top 10 Social Management Innovation Award 2012”, as well as a “Top 10 Women’s Charity Project” at the Chinese Women’s Charity Models Awards.

Online project submissions for phase two will be accepted for four weeks from March 8 to April 7. A total of 89 projects will be funded. 40 projects will receive funding of below RMB 50,000; 45 projects will receive funding between RMB 50,000 to RMB 100,000; and four projects will receive funding between RMB 100,000 to RMB 500,000.

The Guangdong Provincial Government and the Li Ka Shing Foundation each contributed RMB 10 million to launch this innovative project aimed at improving the well-being of women. The project is implemented by the Provincial Working Committee for Children and Women, to encourage social participation by various social groups as well as the larger Guangdong community to work towards a more gender equality environment. This is the first charitable project for women in China through public voting and implemented by community organizations.