Chong Yuet Ming Buildings Opening Ceremony University of Hong Kong

13 December 1994

I am very honoured to be here today at the opening ceremony of the Chong Yuet Ming Buildings. I would like to welcome you all and thank you for taking time out from your busy schedules to join us.

The University of Hong Kong is a world-renowned institute of higher learning. Since its establishment over 80 years ago, it has always been held in the highest regard. Under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Wang, and assisted by outstanding administrators and dedicated educators, the University of Hong Kong has produced some of the major figures in our society. Graduates of the University have achieved success locally as well as internationally, with a large number of them assuming top positions in Government, business, finance, and the academic field. In addition, over the years, the University of Hong Kong has been recognized time and again by the international academic community. These impressive achievements are truly praiseworthy.

My late wife Yuet Ming was very fortunate to have been a part of this University. She spent her early years studying in Japan. When she returned, she enrolled in the University of Hong Kong and graduated in 1961 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She was very proud to have received her education from the University of Hong Kong and had always wanted to give something back to her Alma Mater. To fulfill her wish, these academic buildings and this amenities centre have been donated in memory of my late beloved wife. We have asked her former teacher, Professor Jao Tsung-i to pen the inscription on the memorial plaque for the buildings and to inscribe the name for the Yuet Ming Fountain, giving the entire development special added meaning. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Jao.

Education is the foundation on which nations and societies are built; it is vital to maintaining a society’s livelihood and competitiveness. In recent years, the Hong Kong Government has been developing higher education to complement Hong Kong’s economic transformation and its growing demand for a highly educated work force. In the coming years, the University of Hong Kong will continue to produce outstanding professionals to take up positions of responsibility in our community. I have always placed great emphasis on education, and I take this opportunity to pay tribute to all those working for the University of Hong Kong.

I am very pleased to see the completion of the two academic buildings, the amenities centre, as well as the fountain plaza today. The successful completion of this development was made possible by the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Wang and the concerted effort of all those involved. My sons, Victor and Richard, and I, wish to thank Vice-Chancellor Wang and all those who have contributed in any way great or small. And lastly, we would like to extend our best wishes to the University and everyone here today.