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HK$1 Billion Crunch Time Instant Relief Fund Retail Industry

17 November 2019

(17 November 2019, Hong Kong) Online application for Phase Two of the Crunch Time Instant Relief Fund for Retail sector will go live tomorrow. Application procedures and information are as follows:

  • Total Grants Available︰HK$600 million
    Application Period︰From 9 am (Monday) 18 November 2019 to 5 pm (Sunday) 24 November 2019. All applications are reviewed at the close of application period. Grants are not awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Disbursement︰Before Mid-December 2019
  • Supporting Documents︰You will need to upload JPEG images of your Valid Business Registration, Bank account details, a recent photo of your physical shop front, and MPF Contributions Statement (if you are applying for HK$60,000 grant option).

Simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Please visit and choose “Project Detail/Retail Industry”
  2. Please confirm that your business meets the below criteria:
    • Member of the retail industry
    • Employ fewer than 50 people
    • Valid Business Registration (business commenced before 1 May 2019 and Business Registration valid on the date of application)
    • Bank account name must match Business Registration to receive grant
    • Must have a physical shop
  3. Choose the appropriate category for your business:
    HK$60,000 Grant HK$30,000 Grant HK$30,000 Grant
    Retailers that belong to one of the five categories below:

    • Clothing, footwear and allied products
    • Electrical goods and other consumer durable goods
    • Books, newspapers, stationery and gifts
    • Chinese herbs and drugs
    • Medicine and cosmetics
    Retailers that belong to one of the five categories below:

    • Clothing, footwear and allied products
    • Electrical goods and other consumer durable goods
    • Books, newspapers, stationery and gifts
    • Chinese herbs and drugs
    • Medicine and cosmetics
    Other unclassified retailers of consumer goods
    Provide MPF Contributions Statement within three months
    DO NOT provide MPF Contributions Statement
  4. If you have selected the HK$60,000 grant option, please upload a copy of your valid Business Registration in JPEG* format. Review the OCR information and revise manually if necessary. Please also indicate your business category, and upload a recent photo of your physical shop front.
  5. Please upload a MPF Contributions Statement made in accordance with the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance within the previous three months before the application date. The Statement should show the name of the employer, last contribution date, and Employer Participation Number. Also, please enter other relevant information.
  6. Please upload a bank account proof, such as a bank statement that shows account holder name, account number and statement date. Kindly enter other relevant information.
  7. Please enter your contact details and mobile number. Results notification will be sent by SMS.
  8. Review all information and press “confirm” to complete the application process.
Application for HK$30,000 grant is simpler and does not require an MPF Contributions Statement.
* IMPORTANT REMINDER:Please ensure that you upload documents in JPEG format and that all information is clear and legible; otherwise, your application may be considered unsuccessful.
Successful applications will be notified via SMS notification, and the grant will be remitted into your bank account by autopay.
The Foundation aspires to the principle of “trust more, stress less”. Applications will be reviewed expeditiously and distribution fast-tracked. To comply with relevant regulations, a panel formed of professionals will support the reviewing process. Fraud or misuse of personal information have legal consequences.
Enquiry: Please email us at with your questions.

Phase 1 updates

As of noon, 17 November 2019, the Foundation has received more than 10,000 applications from the Food and Beverage industry. As the number of eligible applicants exceeds the quota of the First Phase, all allocations will be selected through a random computer process. HK$200 million in grants will be distributed beginning 26 November 2019 as scheduled. Successful applicants will receive an SMS notification and a cashier’s order will be posted or couriered to the registered address.
(1) Slide Guide for application procedures and information
(2)How to Video Guide
(Special thanks to Ms Chan Yuen Ting, professional football coach, for appearing in the video on a pro-bono basis)

About the Li Ka Shing Foundation

The Li Ka Shing Foundation was established in 1980 to work on education, medical services and research initiatives. To date, Mr Li has invested over HK$26 billion across 27 countries and regions, with about 80% of the projects within the Greater China region. In 2006, Mr Li described his philanthropic effort as akin to having another son in the family. He called for a paradigm shift in our Asian culture of giving, through apportioning more of our wealth and means towards social capital so that we could bring forth great hope and promises for the future.