The inauguration ceremony of the Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT)

Shantou University Students 640km Ocean Boat Rowing Expedition

World’s largest health Big Data Institute opens in Oxford University

Scholarships created in memory of Lord Sandberg of Passfield

University of Melbourne Precision Oncology

Phase II of “Decide Well, Spend Wisely” launched


Development of Tsz Shan Monastery began in 2003; opened to the public in 2015; total donation over HK$1.7 billion

Ministry of Education approved preparation for the establishment of Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology, a collaboration between STU and Technion

State Council Research on Global Trend of Technology Innovation

China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation to promote voluntary organ donation scheme

Centre for Data-Driven Healthcare Transformation at St. Michael’s Hospital, a collaboration with SUMC and affiliated hospitals

Oxford University Rhodes Scholarship for Chinese Scholars

Earthquake Relief in Nepal (US$1 million)

The Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology inauguration ceremony took place in Shantou University


Shantou University join forces with Israel’s Technion to create the new Guangdong Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) in Guangdong province

McGill University Student and Faculty Exchange Programs commenced

University of Oxford Centre for Health Information and Discovery

Relief for earthquake in Sichuan

Relief for flood in Shantou

Stanford University Big Data Conference

New phase of Project Define to support women village officers and civil servants

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology student leadership initiatives


Teach for China support announced

250 Love Ideas, Love HK projects received funding

Caritas Family Crisis Hotline and Education Centre support announced

Stanford Research Institute Information Technology Education Technical Entrepreneurships supported

Stanford Research Institute Cornerstone Maths Project (UK) for STEM education

State of the art TrueBeam technology launched at Shantou University Medical College’s Affiliated-Cancer Hospital

Yale University advanced medical research supported

Relief for earthquake and Tsunami in northeastern Japan


Pediatric Hernia Repair Program in western China started

Emergency relief for heavy rains in Taiwan


National University of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy endowed scholarships created

University of Oxford Global Health Programme announced

China Disabled Persons’ Federation Cheung Kong New Milestone Program Phase 2 funded

Hainan Province rural healthcare facilities support announced

Endowed professorship at the University of Calgary to nurture innovation among next generation of engineers launched

Royal Flying Doctor Service Healthy Living Program support announced


University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine for medical education and research received funding

The University of Hong Kong Li Chong Yuet-ming Buddhist Studies Research Fund set up

Establishment of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Institute of Health Sciences for advancing public health

St. Paul’s Co-educational College campus expansion and bursary funded

Tsz Ming Buddhist Centre support announced

Ta’er Si Temple Medical Relief for the Poor in Qinghai

UC Berkeley received funding for Biomedical and Health Sciences Center

Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital announces Knowledge Institute plan

Institute Pasteur for research on avian flu and other emerging diseases supported


Donation of rice for flood and earthquake
victims in Yunnan

Chaozhou Guangji Bridge restoration began

Donations to support fight against SARS


STAND (Satellite Transmission Advance
Network for Distance Learning) funded

Hospice service expanded nationwide (now 32 hospices accross the nation)

Shanghai Jinshan Zhongren Nursing Home
donation made

Inner Mongolia snow storm relief for
schools and students

Polytechnic University of Hong Kong receives
funding for academic development

Shantou University Medical College begins hospice service


Nationwide TV campaign promoting self-learning is aired

Open University of Hong Kong for life-long learning receives funding

Prince of Wales Orthopedic Learning Centre donation made


Prince of Wales Hospital Li Ka Shing Specialist Clinics (South Wing)


70 Foundation primary schools in Chaozhou rebuilt over next five years

The National Ballet of China performances supported


Began funding care homes for the elderly in Hong Kong (now 5 care homes across the city)


Kaiyuan Temple restoration support began


Donation to Prince of Wales Hospital Specialist Clinics (North Wing)

Construction of Chaozhou Hospital begins

The Li Ka Shing Foundation is established