What I May Take for Honour

29 October 1993

At the beginning of this year, Shantou University implemented a number of reform programs that have given new life to the School. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts.

Shantou University has invited several nationally distinguished professors to join our faculty, which has given a tremendous boost to our programs. We have also been granted permission to conduct masters programs in mathematics, computer science and oncology. This represents an important milestone as well as due recognition for Shantou University. These latest developments are very encouraging to all of us. We should all work even harder from now on to fulfill the great expectations.

I have always taken a keen personal interest in the affairs of Shantou University and its Medical School. An efficient organizational structure must first have an established set of regulations that everyone within the organization can follow. With comprehensive guidelines in place, everyone will be able to work together as one to maximize efficiency.

In Hong Kong, even though I enjoy a relatively good position in life and in business, I have never felt particularly proud of any of my possessions. The only thing that I am truly proud of is that we were able to work together to develop Shantou University with such confidence over these past years. I hope that you are as proud of your association with Shantou University as I am. Only in this way will Shantou University have a bright future.

Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, education is a long-term development. To achieve results, one must travel down a long road. As a student of Shantou University, you must take pride in being a part of this University, and you must have a desire to contribute to your motherland, your society, and your people. You must take on the responsibility of passing on your knowledge and promoting the Chinese culture. My hope is that you will all develop aspirations, perseverance and determination, and that you will become contributing members of society.

Our mission at Shantou University is not to win empty praise, but to become a major university in China on the basis of our strengths, and possibly even develop into an institution of higher learning that is respected worldwide. This is beneficial to everyone, from school officials, to the faculty, and to the students. I hope you can all appreciate the hope and expectations I have for this school, and that you will all work in concert to realize this common goal.

I have great respect for intellectuals. I say this from the bottom of my heart: “I hope that together we can build something that will have great benefit for our hometown, our country and our people.”

I have not been as happy as this and so full of confidence since 1949 when the PRC was founded. Signs of prosperity can be seen everywhere, and it is very encouraging. Even though the system is not as perfect as one would hope, on the whole, the PRC is on the right track. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to take up the responsibility to make lasting contributions. If we can continue to work towards our goals, no material comfort can replace the joy we will experience.

I want to thank everyone again for their hard work and contributions. Thank you very much.