Press Releases

Tsz Shan Monastery Officially Opens to Public Visitors

15 April 2015

(April 15, 2015 – Hong Kong) Tsz Shan Monastery (“TSM”) today welcomed the first members of the public who registered through our visitor booking system. TSM’s online visitor booking system was launched on March 30 to an enthusiastic public response, with the number of registrants far exceeding TSM’s daily visitor quota. At present TSM is able accommodate 400 visitors on a daily basis. Taking into consideration the traffic flow in the area, quality of experience for individual visitors, harmonious relationship with neighboring districts, and the cleanliness of the Monastery, we are unable to increase the daily visitor quota for the time being. However, TSM plans to organize large-scale events that are open to the public from time to time.

For the period from April 15 to May 15, TSM will receive approximately 10,400 registered visitors. We have also received 500 applications from non-profit organizations and schools for group visits up to end of September. Applications for group visits in October will begin in July.

We hope members of the public who have not been able to make a reservation owing to the overwhelming response will continue to be patient and understanding. TSM’s booking system is stable and we will continue to enhance the system’s handling capacity.

Apart from providing a place for the monastic sangha to practice, Tsz Shan Monastery also organizes various Dharma activities for the public. The Monastery’s natural environment provides visitors with a tranquil and uncontaminated sanctuary for spiritual purification. From today (April 15), visitors are welcome to offer water and practice zen calligraphy during their visit. TSM will also provide guided tours and walking meditations for visitors.

About Tsz Shan Monastery

Tsz Shan Monastery is a Chinese Buddhist monastery established for the inheritance of the Dharma preached by Śākyamuni Buddha. We hold the conviction that the Buddha nature is possessed by all sentient beings. By going through constant hearing, reflecting and practicing, right knowledge and right views could be cultivated and this should, in turn, lead us to the cessation of defilements, the achievement of merit and wisdom, and most importantly, peace and happiness should be obtained. By following Guan Yin’s (Avalokiteśvara’s) spirit of boundless compassion and benevolence in benefiting mankind, the Monastery will strive to propagate the Dharma and enhance the well-being of others. Through organizing Dharma talks and lectures, spiritual practices, experiential programmes, educational activities, and community services, the Monastery is dedicated to responding to one’s spiritual needs and serving society through the perfected fusion of Dharma.

The idea for the development of Tsz Shan Monastery germinated with Mr. Li, who contributed over HK$1.7 billion from his personal Foundation to cover the development and daily operating costs of the Monastery.