The Strength of a Strong Man

25 September 2005

It was three years since we started Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business; thinking back, these three years have certainly been a long time. Today, it is so heartening to see you all here celebrating your proud moment with your families and friends; I thank you for sharing it with me.

Professor Xiang suggested to me that it is customary for the commencement speaker to be solemn and directing. I however see it as entirely inappropriate. Each and every one of you are all seasoned and experienced individuals and have worked hard to achieve different degrees of success in your chosen fields. You must know best how to be the master of your own destiny, and it would certainly be presumptuous of me should I attempt to tell you what you should do or not do.

Today, I want to share with you beliefs that are true and dear to me instead:

I believe in freedom as I believe in responsibility.

I believe it is every man’s duty to defend human dignity.

I believe it is every man’s obligation to make possible each as well as the other’s meaningful participation in society.

I believe it is particularly the strong who must learn to hear the silent despair of the weak; a strong man without compassion is but a vulgar man.

I believe a well-ordered and harmonious society could only be built by those who know values and uphold its principles; a world without principles is a world without trust.

I believe it is only through the unwavering pursuit of truth and fairness can we build an equitable society.

I believe soulless materialistic prosperity could only make a dull, selfish and dangerous world.

I believe only people with high aspirations have pride and fidelity, the ignorant is always blinded by arrogance and conceit.

My friends, the strength of the strong man is defined by their steadfastness to ideals and principles, marked by their diligence to duties and responsibilities, and the way they use their intellectual capability to illuminate and create a humane and bountiful society. Whether we can weave our wisdom and our strength into our culture, enabling its renewal and relevance to withstand the test of time; and to contribute to the building of a joyful, a brighter, and a more prosperous future for our beloved country.