The Greatest Virtue is Responsibility

26 October 2012

It has been said that the heart of the modern man is more frigid than the icy waters below Antarctica. Against a backdrop of daily pressures and social injustice, we have softened our standards for moral conduct. Now the accepted norm is “You don’t have to do good, just don’t do evil.” If everyone assumes a “me-first” mentality, you will gradually find that you are living in a city of sadness. 

Perhaps you feel powerless when confronted with the world’s myriad complexities and challenges, and you don’t believe that individual conduct can hold back the tides or that any one person can solve all of the world’s problems. I believe that the greatest good is akin to water. Justice and compassion reside in the hearts of men and women. So long as we are willing to take up more responsibility, our collective goodwill will cumulate into strength and help us build a conscientious and healthy civic society. 

No one can foretell the future. Since the reform and opening, Guangdong has developed a spirit of productivity and adaptability, aggregating in much wisdom, wealth, and capacity, which in turn creates options. My friends, the capacity to give is a blessing. Those of us who have the good fortune of success must harbor a sense of duty and commitment to effect a difference for others in a world as complex as ours. To achieve material influence over the outcome, we must move beyond catchphrases and make a commitment to projects that advance education, healthcare, culture, and religion to find a formula for a better Guangdong.