Speech of Mr. Li Ka-shing

19 February 2017

Good morning to all our distinguished guests and friends ,and my warmest welcome to Team Hannah and Team Jasmine , faculties and students on board Yan Ping .

For the past week , I have followed with intense interest your 640 Km relay via the satellite tracker , the stories you shared on the message chat was awesome and inspiring .

During the war , my family and I took a more meandering escape route , We travelled 1000Km on wood gas trucks before boarding a boat to Hong Kong. At 11 years old then, I had never seen the ocean and its crashing waves before, and had absolutely no idea whether we could reach our destination.

Times have changed for the better now, openness and reform policies encouraged deep re-imaginations ; today , fortitude and endurance to embrace the momentum of disruptive innovation is a “must“ to navigate the future.

In this changing world, I am committed to inspire societal improvement through long-term education initiatives and it is my hope that Shantou University and Guangdong Technion Institute of Technology ,through their pursuit of education and excellence will foster our younger generations to become mission-driven thrivers ,creative, caring, intellectual engaged industrious leaders of the society.

I noticed we have a lot of friends from the media joining us this morning , its my turn to interview YoYo from team Jasmine today. “ YoYo, when your colleagues succumbed to harsh conditions and seasickness and cannot continue at their stations , you soldiered on for 8 hours alone , rowing against rough waters of 3 meters waves , please share with us your story . “