Our 3Qs for Success

04 December 2001

When my colleagues learnt of today’s topic, opinions abound. Some think 5Qs are more encompassing than just 3Qs and some say stretching it to infinite Qs would have it all covered. Well, everybody knows that I am not a scholar nor am I presenting a paper today. I just want to share some of my observations, knowledge drawn from reading and filtered through experiences in life. Is there a QED ( quod erat demonstrandum ) formula for success that holds true everywhere and always?

Each and every one of us may have grandiose visions and dream great dreams. The demarcation of course is whether we are able to turn it into reality. When in triumph would we be continuous in our pursuit for excellence? When in failure would we be fixated by nostalgia and fall into a dark abyss of despair? In life we all have to face tough impositions that at times cut right through us like chilling winds. That goes for the most learned , the most successful , and likewise for me . Like every one else, I also have my share of unfulfilled dreams, disappointments , disillusions and anger. I wept when sadness taxed my soul.

Life with all its complexity and ever changing nature is a perennial challenge. Our IQ help us gauge problems cerebrally, logically and analytically ; acquiring technical skills and professional expertise that helped to navigate our course . EQ guides us with self awareness and empathy, strengthening “e’sprit de corp” in family, in school as well as at work . SQ, our compass at the edge, initiates the quest for values and believes ; seeking life’s qualitative differences with independent mind, critical thinking and creativity , transforming experiences into sagacity , empowering us with perseverance and countenance. For me , all 3Qs are as important, together much more than the sum of its parts.

Today, global economic outlook is certainly not encouraging , this downturn makes life more unbearable. Unfortunately there is no perfect answer in such times of change, adding to the blow, there is also no reassurance that our problems would ease in a short time. Only the wise would have long realized that today is no longer yesterday , changes whether desirable or not is inevitable. Even if devoid of immediate solutions, they would not be paralyzed into malady and inert , their focus would not be myopic over the petty and the paltry. They know that facing life’s vicissitudes proactively is part of what makes life worth living , cumulating experiences that could fortify the foundation for success . Even if trials and tribulations should persist, they have already prevail and are ready and enterprising for all possibilities.

Dear friends, we all at times wish for a magic wand , success by a wave of our hands; some are totally consumed by this thought , yet the best of what we are lies in what we hope to be, each will be his own author for the chapter of success in his book of life. Thank you very much.