Opening ceremony of the Sheng Kung Hui Care & Attention Home for the Elderly and Day Care Centre for the Elderly

27 April 1996


27th April 1996

I am very honoured to be here today to officiate at the opening ceremony of the Sheng Kung Hui Li Ka-shing Care & Attention Home for the Elderly and Day Care Centre for the Elderly. I would like to welcome and thank you all for taking time out from your busy schedules to attend this ceremony.

Sheng Kung Hui is one of the oldest and best established churches in Hong Kong. Under the leadership of Reverend Kwong, the Sheng Kung Hui Diocesan Welfare Council actively participates in many social welfare programmes in addition to its religious activities. Committed to “Individual Caring, Overall Concern”, the Council promotes high quality services and public-spiritedness. Its many successes over the years have won the Council praise and recognition. I am very happy to be able to participate and play a small part in assisting the elderly.

The completion and opening of the Sheng Kung Hui Li Ka-shing Care & Attention Home for the Elderly and Day Care Centre for the Elderly represents yet another contribution to Hong Kong’s public welfare by the Council. This Care & Attention Home is very well-equipped and more spacious than other similar homes. It also features units for married couples and is located in the urban area which makes it very convenient for friends and relatives to visit the residents. The Day Care Centre allows the elderly to take part in group activities and to receive proper care during the day while still being able to live with their families.

The task of planning and coordinating this project was led by the Council, with the Social Welfare Department, the Buildings Department, the Lands Department, the Lotteries Fund, and other organisations actively involved, and with architects and engineering consultants lending their kind co-operation. The successful completion of this project is the result of the concerted efforts of many parties, and this is very encouraging.

Respect and care for the elderly is a traditional Chinese virtue. I believe that as our society continues to prosper and advance, Hong Kong will maintain this great tradition. With the Government, social welfare organisations and the public working together, the scope and quality of services for the elderly will rise steadily, allowing those who have contributed to the prosperity of our community in their youth to enjoy their golden years in peace and comfort.

Lastly, I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the superintendent and all the staff, and every one who has contributed to making this home for the elderly a success.