Nurturing Great Scholars for China

02 April 1999

This is a truly memorable occasion for me, to be here today with so many of China’s bright, young, accomplished scholars, to feel your enthusiasm, sincerity, vitality, and wisdom. I would like to thank the Ministry of Education for inviting us to participate in this scheme, which I consider to be a tremendous honour. I would also like to thank all those involved in making the Cheung Kong Scholars Program possible.

Revitalization through science and education is our most important mandate right now, as it is critically linked to the future of our people. Although we have faced setbacks owing to the difficulty of the times, as the 21st century nears, we are now meeting new challenges presented by the revolution in Information Technology. Our most urgent and critical work right now is promoting the concept that knowledge is a valuable resource. The development of technology is one of the key factors in maintaining our country’s continued economic progress.

However, to achieve meaningful breakthroughs, we will require the determination and creativity of scholars such as yourselves. I believe that once the trail has been opened, remarkable accomplishments will be made. New technologies and new knowledge combined with our great cultural traditions can generate a new source of strength for our people. More young students will be encouraged to develop better technology that will create greater good and prosperity for our nation. We should all work together single-mindedly to build a brighter future for our country and our people. Thank you.