Press Releases

New donation rewards top talent

20 November 2001


To attract more high-calibre people to join the Shantou University faculty and to increase the competitiveness of the present staff, Mr. Li Ka-shing has committed an annual $15 million for the next five years as a further incentive on top of the existing $20.6 million per annum as performance bonus. This new sum increases the bonus per annum to $35.6 million over a period of five years for a total of $178 million. Shantou University will receive $129.62 million, while $48.38 million will be allocated to the medical school.

Arthur Andersen evaluated the original performance appraisal and bonus system and will help Shantou University design a new system that can be effectively and fairly applied to all units. Linking promotion to performance will encourage greater efficiency and innovation.

The staff and faculty of Shantou University are grateful for Mr. Li’s continuing support and will continue to strive for excellence in every respect.

November 20, 2001