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Li Ka Shing Foundation donates 10,000 “Sounds Great” audiobooks
Vulnerable elders, visually impaired community, and inpatients to Benefit

29 May 2018

Following a contribution to “Sounds Great” in 2016, the Li Ka Shing Foundation has extended its support by making a new gift of HK$2.5 million to publish and distribute 10,000 audiobooks to various organizations benefiting the elderly, visually impaired community, and inpatients. “Sounds Great” will launch an exclusive new release of “Sounds Great Jin Yong Series: The Book and The Sword” and “Sounds Great Music Series: Sam Hui” in July.

This donation marks the Foundation’s second contribution to “Sounds Great” since 2016, and is the latest in a series of contributions to local social enterprises to maximize their efforts to improve the social environment. The Foundation’s previous contribution had already made it possible to publish and distribute 10,000 audiobooks to beneficiaries who might otherwise not be able to enjoy these cultural classics. The project had a direct positive social impact and was recognized and supported by the community at large. Sounds Great and the Foundation will also organize a number of visits to beneficiaries to share with them a sense of belonging and community.

The 10,000 copies of “Sounds Great” audiobook include 2,000 sets (each has 3 volumes) of Dr. Cha Leung-yung’s first martial arts novel “The Book and The Sword”, as well as 4,000 copies of “Sounds Great Music Series: Sam Hui” by the legendary Cantopop singer. For the first time, “Sounds Great” invited elders and visually impaired people to lend their voices in the production of “The Book and The Sword”, narrating the audiobook alongside famous entertainers and celebrities, including Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Anne Heung Hoi Lam, Justin Chiu Kwok Hung, Frederick Ma Si Hang, Vinci Wong Yin Chi, Vincent Wong Yin Shun, and Sandy Lau Sin Ting. “Sounds Great” will continue to foster social integration of able-bodied and disabled persons, allowing the vulnerable community to be not only a beneficiary, but also a participant in the making of audiobooks.

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