The Chinese University
of Hong Kong

Time Frame:
1980 – Present
Project Status:
Ongoing support for various academic research projects

Project Goals and Purpose

  • The Foundation has supported the development of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, including the funding of the Prince of Wales Hospital Li Ka Shing Specialist Clinics and the “STU CUHK Joint Shantou International Eye Centre.”
  • Other significant projects include: Donating HK$113 million to establish the “Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences,” with research efforts devoted to cross disciplines, integrated studies, health improvements, and sickness prevention. The scope of research covers pathogenesis, diagnosis, surveillance, treatment, and prevention with particular emphasis on sickness prevention, clinical medicine, and regenerative medicine.
  • In 2012, providing a HK$40 million TrueBeam System to the Prince of Wales Hospital, the most advanced and innovative radiotherapy technology to cancer treatment. Prince of Wales Hospital is the first public hospital in Hong Kong to own this smart treatment system.
  • Funding MARS Scanner and related researches in 2019. MARS is the first colour x-ray scanner introduced to Hong Kong by the Foundation. The MARS scanners’ multi-energy spectral photon-counting technology outperforms the traditional black-and-white CT to produce better image quality with reduced beam hardening artifacts. It also allows advanced detection, multiple contrast agents, and tissue contrast to increase diagnostic accuracy.
  • Donating HK$35 million in 2020 to install an advanced analytical system and mass spectrometer at the CUHK Faculty of Medicine for the researches of metabolomics and protein and the development of personalized medication or early diagnosis.
  • A donation of HK$30 million in 2021 to the Faculty of Medicine to upgrade the research facilities in the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences (LiHS).
  • Donating HK$150 million in 2022 to support the Faculty of Medicine’s research funding.