The Cheung Kong
Scholars Programme

Time Frame:
Project Status:

Project Goals and Purpose

  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Programme enlisted more than 1,400 local and overseas scholars to promote science and people-based education. During their employment, each professor received a yearly allowance of RMB100,000 in addition to their statutory wage, insurance, welfare, and other benefits. Professors that made significant academic achievements and outstanding contributions during their tenure were granted the “Changjiang Scholars Achievement Award.” The Award offered first and second prizes, with the highest prize topping RMB 1 million.
  • Disrupting the equalitarianism that mainland tertiary institutes used to inherit, the Programme rewarded outstanding academic accomplishments and initiated the reform of talent deployment —breaking through the status quo, enlightening the community to the importance of respecting talents, and encouraging academic research.
  • The Programme increased global competitiveness and positions of Chinese universities worldwide and became an integral part of national talent development with the backing of the Central Government.