East-West Alliance

Time Frame:
2007 – Present

Project Goals and Purpose

  • The East-West Alliance is an international network of Asian and Western medical schools and research faculties supported by the Foundation beginning in 2007. The alliance acts as a platform for academic exchange among several best-in-class universities and research institutes spanning across China, Hong Kong and the rest of the world. In addition to the HK$12 billion funding to STU, alliance institutions have received more than HK$4 billion funding from the Foundation.
  • Members include:
    University of California, Berkeley, USA (Gene Therapy)
    Stanford University, USA (Big Data Research)
    University of California, San Francisco, USA (Precision Medicine)
    University of Michigan, USA (Biomedical Engineering)
    University of Alberta, Canada (Virology)
    University of Manitoba, Canada (Exchange Student Program)
    University of Toronto/St. Michae’s Hospital, Canada (Clinical Medicine)
    University of Cambridge, UK (Cancer Research)
    Oxford University, UK (Global Health and Big Data Research)
    University of Groningen, Netherlands (Nurturing Doctoral Student and Medical Exchange)
    Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (Education and Research)
    University of Melbourne, Australia (Cancer Research)
    University of Hong Kong (Education and Research)
    Chinese University of Hong Kong (Education and Research)
    Shantou University and Medical College, China (Education and Health care reform platform)