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Education can steer humanity back on the right track

19 September 2003


Mr. Li Ka-shing, Honorary Chairman of the Shantou University Council, said he believes education can steer humanity back on the right track in a speech delivered at a ceremony marking the new school year.

The speech, entitled “Can Humanity Get Back on Track?” encouraged students not only to acquire new knowledge but also to gain wisdom from it.

“We possess more knowledge than ever before, but that doesn’t mean we are wiser for it. We can understand the past, but we can’t predict what the future will bring. Almost all of the problems that society faces today are caused by mankind,” Mr. Li said. “I firmly believe that education can play a role in helping humanity to get back on the right track.”

Mr. Li said the objectives of education are to disseminate knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, search for wisdom, and shape character. “As members of society, we must interact with society; you must learn to live with yourself as well as with others. Empathy enables us to accept peoples of diverse cultures and backgrounds, to overcome gender, age, culture, and other barriers.”

Empathy, or the ability to identify with and understand another person’s circumstances and feelings, plays an important role in human communication.

Mr. Li also encouraged everyone not only to work toward improving themselves but also to build a dignified society. Otherwise, he said, “A harmonious globalization process will only remain a distant dream.”

19 Sep 2003

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