Cheung Kong New Milestone Programme

27 September 1993

As China moves forward with its reform and open door policies and its modernisation drive, greater attention is being paid to welfare services for the disabled, with great progress having been made in the areas of rehabilitation, education, and general services. This is the result of the direct assistance given by the Government and the relevant departments as well as the strong support provided by the China Disabled Persons Federation, the China Disabled Welfare Foundation, and the community at large.

I would like to mention in particular Mr. Deng Pufang, who for many years has been a champion for disabled welfare. He has been traveling all over the country, raising awareness of this issue and lobbying for more welfare benefits. His selflessness is truly admirable.

As a tribute to Mr. Deng’s efforts and as a small token of our Group’s support, in August 1991, my Group and I pledged to contribute HK$100 million to The China Disabled Persons Federation. We are very pleased that this donation will be placed in a specialized fund to help provide rehabilitation services for the disabled. However, our contribution pales in comparison to the Government’s strong support for the development of services for the disabled. The Federation has been able to make efficient use of its funds and has accomplished a great deal over the past two years. Their work over the years has been a great success and represents a tremendous boost to the disabled.

Today, the Federation is well supported by the Central Committee, State Council, National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Provincial Governments, as well as society. The attendance today of honorary directors and directors is a great encouragement and a sign of the Government’s full support for disabled services.

I take this opportunity to wish the Federation even greater success in its efforts to provide better services for the disabled. Thank you.