Caring is Hip Launch Ceremony

26 December 2004

Today is Sunday, which is usually a day of rest for everyone, and in fact today is part of the Christmas holiday in Hong Kong. That’s why it is so amazing that so many of you have come from near and far to join us for the launch of this program.

We are all well aware that no government, no political system, can completely eliminate the existence of poverty. This is not a subjective understanding, but rather an objective fact. The exact causes of poverty, whether it is a deficiency in the system, or personal misfortune, are probably beyond the confines of our comprehension. Regardless of its causes, we cannot deny or ignore this escalating problem and its serious implications for society. When Professor Dennis Lam proposed this medical relief program, I gave it the green light immediately and Shantou University also responded at once. The transfer of medical skills helps restore dignity by empowering people to help themselves. Human beings’ capacity to care for one another makes up for some of the injustices and inequities of this world.

I am very pleased that the municipal governments as well as Chaozhou natives all over the world have lent their support to “Caring Is Hip” I firmly believe that our concerted efforts will bring about change and improvement. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask all of you to contribute in whatever way you can to make this a pioneering program that can serve as a new model for medical relief for the rest of the mainland. If similar programs can be set up in other regions, I believe that it will go a long way towards alleviating the problems of medical care in rural areas.