Are You Ready?

29 June 2004

Dear University Council members, School leaders, honorable guests, professors and students:

This must be a very exciting moment for you. You studied hard and completed an important stage in life. You are moving on to a new step. I can feel your joy when I was on campus these few nights. You are a fortunate generation and I feel happy for you. On behalf of the University Council members and advisors, I would like to congratulate all of you.

Whenever you turn a new leaf in life, when you dream a new dream, foster new hopes, it is always time to ponder , and ask yourself, “Are you ready? Do you have what it takes?”

When you dream of success, are you ready for endurance?
You are ambitious to lead, but are you ready to serve?
We all want to get, do we know how to give?
We all want to be heard, but are we prepared to listen?
We all want to be happy, but do we feel for the sad?
We all want to standout, but do we know how to be supportive?
We all know what we want, but do you know what you need?
You want to change others, but would you change for them?
We all know how to condemn, but do we know how to reflect?
We all want to have face, but do you know honor?
We all want to have wealth, but do you know the real value of wealth?
We know passion, but do you know love?

Questions no one can answer for you, you are the only one who knows how you are going to live it.
The knowledge that you have gained can bring opportunities but won’t tell you how to live.
Only you can change your knowledge into wisdom.
Change is the world’s only rhythm. Yesterday’s answers may not be relevant to questions you have today. It is the principles that you live by that can guide you through your life’s journey. It is your values that can uplift you through life. No one holds the key to your future, you are the only one. My dear students, Are you ready?