A Better Foundation for Our Youth Endeavouring For Success

04 May 1998

In its 100-year history, Peking University has earned great distinction as a world-class institution of higher learning, and has produced countless outstanding graduates who have gone on to become pillars of society.

Following the recent announcement of the Government’s revitalization scheme through science and education, Peking University’s mission will become even more important. There is increasing competition in the high-tech industry throughout the world. To create lasting success for our country, we must rely on advanced technology and quality management. Providing a good education is the only way to train these technology and management professionals. 

I have been supporting the development of education and medical care in the mainland for many years. In fact, I consider it my life’s work. However, on this occasion, I am particularly pleased to be able to collaborate with Peking University to build the largest university library in Asia. This is because during the library’s planning stages, I received a letter from the University, assuring me that every cent will be used wisely. I feel that in a competitive society, this emphasis on efficient use of available resources is highly commendable. When former Vice President Wu Shuqing first suggested that Peking University needed to build a new library, I pledged to make a personal and corporate donation without hesitation. Now that the library is completed, I hope that it will allow Peking University to collect more of our national treasures, further promote exchanges between Peking University and other institutions, and provide students with the resources they need to broaden their knowledge and learning.

This is my third visit to Peking University. Every time I visit this campus, I envy the students for the esteemed professors and the excellent environment that are available to them. I grew up amid war and poverty, and was not able to complete my formal schooling during those turbulent times. If I had the same opportunities that you have today, how would my life have taken shape? I believe that to achieve what is truly valuable in life, one must possess the right values, and be willing to invest your time and energy. One must also have self-discipline, determination, and the right attitude towards learning. There is a world of difference between the arrogance displayed a person who has succeeded without real effort and the quiet confidence of one who has earned his success through hard work and discipline.

As we prepare to enter a new century, there are abundant opportunities available. But we must be well-prepared to face new challenges. I hope you will treasure all that you have and seize this opportunity to learn, to equip yourselves, and to develop a good moral character, and that you will all someday become pillars of society and contribute to our country’s development.