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£2M donation to fund Mainland and Hong Kong scholars’ PhD studies in the UK

18 November 2003


Mr Li Ka-shing, Chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (“HWL”), has pledged to donate through HWL a total of ?2 million over a period of three years to support Mainland and Hong Kong scholars in their doctoral studies in the United Kingdom. This sum will be matched by the UK Government under its Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards scheme.

The Hutchison scholarships will support up to 53 scholars and form a major part of this new scheme announced by British Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday in London to bring high quality PhD students from overseas to top UK universities.

Mr Blair applauded the foresight of HWL in recognising the importance of scientific knowledge and highly skilled people.

“During my recent trip to China, where I met with Mr Li Ka-shing, Chairman of Hutchison Whampoa, I am particularly delighted with their contribution of ?2 million, a magnificent offer which will help to further develop our relationship with China and Hong Kong,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Li believes that knowledge can reshape destiny and is therefore a strong supporter of continuing education and life-long learning programmes. Mr Li said he was pleased to support the awards to foster more medical and science scholars in the Mainland and Hong Kong.

“Through education, humanitarian principles and knowledge can be passed on and expanded. I hope that the Hutchison scholarships will not only broaden the students’ international outlook, but also enable them to contribute their strength and professional knowledge to their motherland and to build stronger links between the UK, China and Hong Kong after completing and returning from their studies,” Mr Li said.

Commenting on the awards scheme, UK Chief Scientific Adviser Sir David King said in a fiercely competitive global economy, the UK must attract the brightest students to the best research departments.

“When those students return home the expertise they will take with them will be crucial in aiding international development,” Sir David said.

The Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards will allow over 100 PhD students from China, including Hong Kong, and other countries such as Russia and India to study science, engineering, medicine, social sciences, and technology in UK universities beginning in 2004.

Mr Li’s donation to the Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards is the Group’s latest move to support Mainland and Hong Kong scholars to study in the UK.

The Group also donated in October 2002 a total of ?2.02 million to expand the British Chevening Scholarships scheme to include 63 extra scholarships each year over a four-year period from Hong Kong and the Mainland for postgraduate studies.

18 Nov 2003