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Act Now – Solution is Waiting Round the Bend
Empathy and Engagement are keys to resolving inequality

28 June 2013

(Shantou and Hong Kong, 28 June 2013) Mr Li Ka-shing put forth a challenge to graduating class of the Shantou University (STU) today at Commencement: Who but you, with your skill sets and talent, can create a better tomorrow for our society?

Delivering his speech titled “The Pragmatic Dreamer” at the Commencement, Mr Li said even if the road is long and arduous, the loving care that the graduates give to society will prevail, and this is the most pragmatic way to address the issue of inequality. “We must want to see things become better, not just say that things should be better.”

Mr Li shared a story dating back to his teenage years, and advised those fighting adversity today that they should channel their rage into a disciplined and purposeful state of mind, and a rigorous focus on solving problems at hand.

He also wondered whether past wisdom and perspectives still give youngsters the edge to overcome current difficulties they face in this era of accelerating pace of change.

He reckoned that the Government should not abdicate its responsibility for leading society to change. “Government must invigorate the entrepreneurial spirit to create jobs with smart policies that are appropriate and effective for today and beyond.

“Government must invigorate the minds of its people by pouring resources behind education reforms to bolster capabilities. Education is the best safeguard against the deepening divide of social inequality.”

Being nicknamed as “the richest man in China” gave Mr Li a most complex feeling. He said his life is filled with challenges and it has not been an easy journey. The constant demand for one to be wise, to be far-seeing and to be creative is certainly tiring. “Yet throughout the years, I continue to stay positive, and try to serve society to the best of my ability amongst the sometimes conflicting roles and responsibilities as a human being, as a citizen who loves my country, and as a businessman.”