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Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Awarded

21 October 2011


(Hong Kong, 21 October 2011) Mr Li Ka-shing, Chairman of the Li Ka Shing Foundation, becomes the first Chinese to have been awarded the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy since the awards were set up 10 years ago.

The exceptional and unconditional giving by Mr Li, through the Li Ka Shing Foundation (“LKSF”), is recognised and recommended by members of the selection committee, which has also decided to award other eight individuals and families this year for their philanthropic initiatives over the years.

LKSF, set up in 1980, has three strategic focuses: nurtures the culture of giving, supports education reform initiatives that create a paradigm shift to develop human capital for positive and sustainable change, and supports medical research and services in quest for a healthier world.

Attending in person the award presentation yesterday (20 October in New York) held at the New York Public Library, Mr Li gladly received the medal from the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was also a Carnegie medalist for 2009.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Mr Li said destiny in Chinese language was the confluence of fate and luck, where one’s own choice had material influence over outcome.

“I believe our dedication and effort will bring about effective and efficient changes to the world around us. As many of you know, I have often referred to my own commitment to making a difference as being like having a ‘third son’, in addition to the two sons I have been blessed with in this life. My third son and I are honored to be counted among your company,” he said.