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Twelve Short Films reminding us we can love each other more

12 April 2011


(Hong Kong, 12 April 2011) Following the successful launch of both “Love Ideas, Love HK” in 2010 and Phase 2 of the “Heart of Gold-Hospice Home community project”, the Li Ka Shing Foundation (“LKSF”) together with SkyHigh Creative Partners, a social enterprise based in Tin Shui Wai, are proud to present 12 short creative films directed by 12 distinguished Hong Kong directors. Through their lens, they have showcased that Hong Kong’s young and old can be thoughtful, caring and capable to bond and love.

The 12 directors are: Chapman To, Cheuk Wan-chi, Cheung King-wai, Derek Kwok, Heiward Mak, Yan Yan Mak, Wong Ching-po, Janet Chun, Vincent Chui, Jessey Tsang, Gillitte Leung and Lo Chun-yip. Through their unique art of cinematography and social perspectives, they captured 12 Hong Kong stories in different settings, moods and themes; covering community care, collective memories, love for the elderly, fight against cancer, family harmony and environmental protection. The cast includes Fama, Teddy Robin, Lam Suet, Matthew Chow, Susan Siu, Eman Lam and Wan Kwong while leading musician Tan Hanjin, DJ Tommy and Chan Fai-young contributed behind the scenes as members of the production teams.

Founder and Chairman of LKSF, Mr Li Ka-shing, who attended the premiere of “Love More” this afternoon, thanked and congratulated the directors who participated to make this project a reality. Mr Li said it is his hope that through the “Love HK Your Way!” campaign, each and every one in Hong Kong could identify their own practical ways of kindness to love their city and their communities. Yu Tsang of SkyHigh also thanked all cast and crew for their contribution and support as the “Love More” project provided educational opportunities for young people at SkyHigh to engage in and to interact with professional movie directors and producers in film production.

Four short films “Love More”, “Cold War”, “Winter Sun” and “Wrong Number” will be released through the website today, in which “Love More” is the title film that depicts, through monologues, the growing state of nonchalance in the community. “Cold War” is a humorous short piece directed by Chapman To and Janet Chun, with music group Fama as actors. “Winter Sun” by Cheung King-wai, who won the Best Documentary, Best Sound Effects and Best Film Editing in Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards, talks about an old man battling against cancer with the help of hospice caregivers. “Wrong Number” is written and directed by multimedia producer Cheuk Wan-chi, a story of dialogue between two strangers engaged in a wrong number conversation. Eight additional short films will be uploaded throughout the month of April.