Press Releases

Tsz Shan Monastery opens to the public

30 March 2015

Tsz Shan Monastery is a Chinese Buddhist monastery established for the inheritance of the Dharma preached by Śākyamuni Buddha. The Monastery is a sanctuary for the public to learn about Buddhist teachings. We believe that Buddha nature is hidden in everyone, which can be developed through listening, thinking and practicing. We will follow the Avalokiteśvara’s (Guan Yin’s) spirit of boundless compassion and benevolence to promote Buddhist teachings.

Apart from providing a place for the monastic sangha to practice, Tsz Shan Monastery also organizes various Dharma activities for the public. The Monastery’s natural environment provides visitors with a tranquil and uncontaminated sanctuary for spiritual purification. In order to ensure the quality of visits, the safety of visitors, the compatibility of transportation system, the sacredness of the Monastery and the Monastery’s harmonious relationships with the local community, we will implement a visitor booking system. The visitor booking system is launched on March 26th, 2015 and the public can visit the Monastery as from April 15th, 2015. (