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“The March of Social Engineers”
Building Trust and Standing Strong Together

29 October 2013

(Hong Kong, 7 October 2013) Following the successful completion of three rounds of “Love Ideas, Love HK”, the Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF) will kick-start “Love HK Your Way 2!” with a new programme “The March of Social Engineers,” in support of the struggle of Hong Kong’s social workers to improve well-being in a spectrum of social problems.

Mr Li Ka-shing believes social workers are akin to “social engineers,” serving on the frontlines, their deep understanding of the indigenous needs are specific to its context, and could bring about timely and appropriate interventions to complex problems and facilitate changes.

As an offshoot of the “Love Ideas, Love HK” programme, “The March of Social Engineers” will encompass similar concepts and rules, but with a special focus towards the selection of impactful projects posted for vote from and by registered social workers in Hong Kong. The top 25% of eligible projects voted in will receive a grant of HK$100,000. Applicants must be affiliated to or collaborate with a qualified charitable organisation to carry out the project. Applicants are welcome to post an unlimited number of proposals but amongst it, only their top voted in project will receive the grant.

Show you care! Give your support and encouragement with a “Like.”

LKSF believes that participation is an important form of social caring. “The March of Social Engineers” programme welcomes citizens’ participation, understanding and support to our social workers, through giving projects a “Like.” The award amount for the top 20 winning projects with the most “Likes” from the public will be doubled.

Everyone can follow the progress of the successful projects on, and should they want to, give further support to the social worker through their affiliated qualified charitable organisations’ websites.


“The March of Social Engineers” platform will welcome registration of social workers from 19 October and posting of proposals for voting from 1 November through 30 November. LKSF thanks the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and St James’ Settlement who will again support this programme through giving invaluable advice and expertise in the vetting process.

“Voting” and “Liking” from the social welfare sector and the public respectively will commence from 23 December 2013 through 11 January 2014. Results will be announced on 15 January 2014. For more information, please refer to


Amount granted through LKFS’s “Love HK Your Way!” campaign launched in 2010 was HK$306M. It has successfully implemented seven charity programmes involving thousands of social institutions and serving more than 3.3 million people. The following are programme details in an infographic and a chart respectively:

Programme Donation
1 “Love Ideas, Love HK” Round 1 to Round 3
  • 3,398 applications
  • 763 winning projects selected
  • 4,059,255 votes from the public
  • Serve over 3 million people in HK
2 “Heart of Gold” Hong Kong Hospice Service Program cum online educational service 84,500,000 10 public hospital cancer hospice centres provide over 300, 000 sessions for 20, 000 terminal cancer patients, their family members and community people
3 “Love More” 2,640,000
  • 12 films with 12 dedicated film directors/ teams to present stories and scenes of HK life
  • Total hit rate 8,442,788
4 The Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong & Prince of Wales Hospital: TrueBeam System 40,000,000 Per year over 6,400 times of service for 360 cancer patients
5 Nethersole Hospital Serene Teen Child and Youth Wellness Centre cum Training Centre 8,500,000 Over 15,000 children and youth patients and their families
6 333 Companion Learning Leadership Program 41,200,000
  • 74 primary schools
  • 1,600 students
  • 559,000 hours of after-school tutoring
7 Summer Fun 1,000,000 23,720 kids participated in film fairs and fun programmes
Total 306,500,000

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The Li Ka Shing Foundation was established in 1980 by global entrepreneur and philanthropist Li Ka-shing. Mr Li considers the Foundation to be his “third son” and has pledged one-third of his assets to it. To date, the Foundation has granted over HK$14.4 billion (US$1.86 billion) in charitable donations, approximately 90 per cent in support of education reform initiatives and medical services in Greater China region. The Foundation supports projects that promote social progress through expanding access to quality education and medical services and research, encouraging cultural diversity and community involvement. For more information, please visit:

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