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The Art of Management By Mr Li Ka Shing

28 June 2005


(June 28, 2005XHong Kong and Shantou) Mr. Li Ka-shing, Chairman of the Li Ka-shing Foundation, believes that a good manager should learn to master self-management, and more importantly, to use leverage to maximize resources and efficiency.

At a seminar hosted by the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Mr. Li discussed the Art of Management with an audience of over 300 EMBA and MBA students from CKGSB and Shantou University Business School as well as a number of guests.

I believe that self-management is a passive type of managementXfundamental to cultivating rational thought, a catalyst for transforming knowledge and experience into power, Mr. Li said. Smart managers are focused on finding the fulcrum for therein lies the key to success. You have to rely on your expert knowledge and your powers of deduction, on whether you can discern the invisible layers and levels of connections.

Mr. Li also delivered a speech at the Shantou University Convocation Ceremony. He said, Perseverance is an attitude, not a way of life. A person with perseverance has clear life objectives and is willing to take on responsibilities. He also has strong, extraordinary resolve and a heart filled with hope. He understands the meaning of principle, truth, and justice and demonstrates enormous courage and prudence.

Determination is the development of reason and rationality. A person who lives an examined life in constant pursuit of knowledge will not fall victim to the labyrinth of time and lose the zest for life. A person who is adept at learning can foresee and seize the future, able to meld observation, experience and knowledge into wisdom and apply it in such a way that enables him to hold steadfast to his dreams and make short work of the most arduous tasks.

Jun 28, 2005