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Sponsorship of Human Genome Organisation Meeting 2002 in Shanghai

14 April 2002


(Hong Kong, 14 April 2002) The Li Ka-shing Foundation has donated around HK$560,000 to sponsor the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) 7th Annual Genome Meeting 2002 (HGM2002) to be held in Shanghai, China on 14 – 17 April.

For the first time the Meeting is held in China, providing a good opportunity for presenting to the international arena China’s achievements in human genome research, and for Chinese scientists and young researchers to learn and exchange experiences. It will further enhance the international standing of China in the field of human genome research and promote exchanges and cooperation.

At this Meeting, nearly 900 human genome scientists will gather to exchange their recent results and to discuss future directions of their research. Presentations by world leading scientists on genome related subjects will range from SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) mapping to cancer genomics and leukaemia applications.

Since the successful reconstruction of the draft sequence of the entire human genome in February 2001 by an international team and the expected completion of sequencing by spring 2003, scientists are entering into an important era of post-sequence studies. Research topics include disease gene identification, regulation of gene expression, and SNP association studies for common diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Discovery of disease genes will allow medical scientists to predict genetic risks to various common diseases and drugs, and will contribute to preventive care and personalized medicine.

Mr Li Ka-shing has always been keen on supporting projects relating to health care and medical advancement, and on promoting medical research worldwide that can benefit all mankind. Mr Li said, “These projects are significant causes because they can help find a cure or prevention to the human diseases and sufferings which afflict many today, and I am happy to give my support.”

Mr Li has donated to various causes, many of which were for breakthrough medical research studies, including the University of Cambridge/the Medical Research Council for cancer research and molecular biology, the Stanford University Medical Center in the USA for hepatitis research, as well as advanced medical research at local universities.

HUGO is an independent body set up more than 10 years ago to facilitate the work of the international scientific community working on mapping and sequencing the human genome. The Human Genome Meeting is the flagship conference of HUGO.

April 14, 2002