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Shanghai Jinshan Zhongren Nursing Home With Support of RMB 28 Million

23 October 2003


The Jinshan Zhongren Home for the Aged opens today in Shanghai. Funded with RMB 28.1 million from Mr Li Ka-shing, the home was jointly built by the Shanghai Charity Foundation and the People’s Government of the Jinshan District. Mr Li Ka-shing flew in from Hong Kong to host the opening ceremony with Ms Chen Tiedi, President of the Shanghai Charity Foundation.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Li thanked and congratulated everyone who had given staunch support to the construction and administration of the project.

“Elderly people are veterans of society. They fought on yesterday’s frontlines sacrificing their youth and vitality. Building a nursing home for the elderly is not only a sign of charity but also a sign of respect,” said Mr Li

Mr Li also talked about the relationship between the past and the future. He said, “In Roman mythology, there is a god with two faces, one facing forward and one facing backward.” One faces many challenges in life, we must learn from the past in order to master the future.

The Jinshan Zhongren Home for the Aged is located in the picturesque town of Fengjing, occupying 85 acre and providing a total floor area of 18,500 sq. meters. At a total cost of RMB 62.3 million, the main building is a North American style three-storey block with 400 beds, complemented with first class nursing, rehabilitation and medical facilities.

The nursing home aims to provide medical and rehabilitation services for the needy elderly and those recovering from serious illness. It has been carefully planned and built to provide the most up-to-date nursing facilities for the elderly people in Shanghai.

Mr Li understands the importance of medical care and the power of knowledge. He set up the Li Ka-shing Foundation in 1980 to coordinate and distribute donation funds to various charities, especially in the areas of education and healthcare.

Jinshan Zhongren Home for the Aged is the first elderly home funded by Mr Li in Mainland China. In Hong Kong, Mr Li has also donated over HK$130 million for the construction of five elderly homes, providing accommodation for 1,200 old people in need.

Officiating guests of the ceremony also include Mr Song Qiaoyi, Mr Chen Zhengxin and Ms Yu Huiwen, Vice Presidents of the Shanghai Charity Foundation.

23 Oct 2003

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