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Maya Lin officiates the launch of Listen to the Earth Cone Tour in Mainland China

29 June 2010


(Shantou, 29 June 2010) Mr Li Ka-shing and world-renowned architect Ms Maya Lin today unveil the ‘Listen to the Earth Cone’, an art installation displayed at Shantou University Library, which symbolises the launch of a tour promoting biodiversity in Mainland China.

This ‘Listen to the Earth Cone’ is one of the most important art installations created by ‘What is Missing’ (, which is the latest memorial designed by Maya Lin with a mission to bring awareness about the current crisis surrounding biodiversity and habitat loss through science-based artworks.

This project, composed of elements of science, arts and education, provides a learning opportunity for the next generation to understand better the importance of maintaining biodiversity, and how to convey such message through innovative art. The Li Ka Shing Foundation is thus pleased to partner with ‘What is Missing’ to create an exhibit, ‘Listen to the Earth Cone’, with the launch of a tour of biodiversity that will have the cone travelling to various cities in the Mainland, including Hong Kong, for display, following its debut in Shantou University.

More than 30 short videos focusing on images of species that we are losing at an alarming rate will be displayed in the cone. Students from the Shantou University will also act as ambassadors travelling with the cone to take up public education and promotion responsibilities in each city visited.

There will be two phases of the ‘Listen to the Earth Cone Tour’, with the first travelling to eight major cities from the south to the north of the mainland during 2010. Phase two will begin early next year. Destinations are cities in the northeast, central and west area.