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Innovation is key to conflating technology and community welfare in Jiangxi projects

13 September 2018

(Sept 13, 2018, Hong Kong)

How to establish an “educational and scientific research industry chain”?

• Provide support for four technology companies to establish a main development base in Jiangxi
• Fund the State Key Laboratory of food science and technology and key projects in Nanchang University to promote scientific and technological innovation and student entrepreneurship
• Fund the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University to promote the development of medical science and technology in Jiangxi
• Encourage Jiangxi women to engage in self-learning and sustained personal development , helping them to reveal their full potential and capacity


Mr Li firmly believes that creativity is the cornerstone of economic progress, and in an era of high-growth competition, creativity is not just a good idea but a way of life. Communities need to aggregate their collective wisdom from working together and participating to build a new model that conflates development, technology, and public welfare to explore viable solutions to persistent problems.

Who do we work with?

Industry partners:Ganzhou Municipal government, Nanchang Municipal government, Ruijin Municipal government, Jiangxi Financial Holding Group Limited, Qifeng Food Technology (Beijing) Company Limited

Foundation-funded projects:Nanchang University, Nanchang University First Affiliated Hospital

Four technology companies:Celsius fitness drinks, Dosebiome oral hygiene drinks, ChromaDex anti-aging technology, Fano Labs AI Speech analysis

The Foundation and Jiangxi Province

As early as 20 years ago, the Li Ka Shing Foundation had created the Nationwide Hospice Care Service Program and the Medical Relief Program, benefiting patients in Jiangxi and across the nation. With this new collaboration we are building on our existing ties with Jiangxi Province with fresh ideas and new models for change. The Foundation hopes to connect different forces on the path to technological innovation to support China’s sustainable development.

Nanchang University is one of the national key universities in Project 211, and its National University of Nanchang Science Park is also one of the first 11 “Jiangxi Collegiate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Bases”. Nanchang University has participated in the establishment of the “Midwest University Alliance” which is considered to be a cradle for innovation technology talent in Jiangxi Province and the Midwest. In February 2018, Nanchang University was selected as one of the first public entrepreneurship innovation demonstration bases in Jiangxi. The Foundation and the University have teamed up to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among university students and to support their participation in innovation and technology for the educational and scientific research industry chain. The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University is a comprehensive medical institution that excels in healthcare, medical education, scientific research, and preventive medicine. The Hospital has eight key national clinical specialist projects, representing two-thirds of all such projects in Jiangxi Province. The Foundation hopes to work with the Hospital to promote the development of local medical science technology.

About the Li Ka Shing Foundation

Established in 1980, the Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF) has invested over HK$20 billion to work on education, medical services and research initiatives globally, with about 80% of the projects within the Greater China region. In 2006, Mr. Li described his philanthropic effort as akin to having another son in the family. He called for a paradigm shift in our Asian culture of giving, through apportioning more of our wealth and means towards social capital so that we could bring forth great hope and promises for the future.