Tsz Shan Monastery

Time Frame:
Opened to the public since April 2015; Grand Opening Ceremony cum Inauguration of its Buddhist Art Museum in March 2019

Project Goals and Purpose

  • Mr Li Ka-shing was central in the development of the idea for the monastery. With an enlightened spirit, Mr Li strives to facilitate real change in the world. Mr Li’s aim was to build Tsz Shan Monastery as an institute of Buddhist practice and learning, to provide a place for quiet contemplation and purification, and to foster a culture of sharing and giving.
  • Tsz Shan Monastery is a Chinese Buddhist monastery established for the inheritance of the Dharma preached by Śākyamuni Buddha. Located in Tung Tsz, Tai Po District — with a 76-meter Guan Yin bronze statue and gross floor area about 500,000 square feet — the aesthetic architectural features the Tang Dynasty style blended beautifully with the stunning environment and creates a unique space for spiritual nourishment.
  • The monastery strives to propagate Dharma and provide a tranquil and uncontaminated sanctuary for all that enter, and the Monastery is dedicated to cultivating one’s wisdom, peace, and happiness through various meditation practices and Buddhist programmes.
  • A main goal of the monastery is to break new ground through its deeply humanistic values. This will be accomplished by further promoting religious culture, social work, and Dharma education. The Monastery will search for methods that adapt to changes in an ever-evolving society and benefit humanity.
  • To date, the Foundation has contributed nearly HK$3.3 billion to cover the land acquisition and construction costs, as well as the Monastery’s operating expenses. As of March 2023, the Monastery has received more than 1.69 million visitors since its opening.