Time Frame:
2001 - Present (NATIONAL)
2007-2020 (HONG KONG)
Project Status:
Long-Term Support (NATIONAL)
Completed (HONG KONG)

Project Goals and Purpose

  • (1)“Heart Of Gold”National Hospice Service Programme
    • In 1998, the Foundation implemented the Hospital Service Programme as a pilot programme to provide palliative care for terminal cancer patients at the First Affiliated Hospital of the Shantou University Medical College. The pilot programme upholds the integrity of human dignity while caring for each patient. Since 2001, the Foundation has extended the scope of service throughout China. To date, 33 hospices are in operation. In 2007, the Foundation brought another 10 hospices in Hong Kong into the programme, benefitting over 240,000 patients, and relieving pain that patients suffered.
    • The pilot is the only voluntary programme in China that offers palliative homecare to terminal cancer patients, including pain alleviation and counselling services.
    • The Programme also promotes professional “Palliative Care” throughout the nation, with the Shantou University Medical College developing courses and teaching materials and attracting over 10,000 students to the curriculum.
    • To date, LKSF has donated more than HK$1 billion to support this programme.
  • (2)Heart Of Gold”Hong Kong Hospice Service Programme
    • In 2007, the Foundation extended its Heart of Gold service to Hong Kong with financial support from the Hospital Authority. The service offered palliative care and related services for low-income terminal cancer patients and their families.
    • The Programme’s 10 hospice centres became a home away from home that provide terminal cancer patients with professional care and facilities, as well as mental and spiritual support for their families — all under one roof. The centres served upwards of 38,000 patients during the duration of the programme.