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Hutchison Global Communications, Li Ka-shing Foundation & Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited Jointly Provide Free "Video Visit Service" for Princess Margaret Hospital & Wong Tai Sin Hospital

24 April 2003

April 24, 2003, Hong Kong — Hutchison Global Communications (“HGC”), Li Ka-shing Foundation (“LKSF”) and Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited (“CKH”) jointly announced today that they are providing a free “Video Visit Service” for atypical pneumonia (AP) patients at Princess Margaret Hospital (“PMH”). The service will be provided at Princess Margaret Hospital by phases soon, and it will be extended to Wong Tai Sin Hospital (“WTSH”) shortly. The Hospitals will inform patients of the commencement date of the “Video Visit Service”.

The service is being offered to show the deep appreciation of the three companies for the dedication of all Hong Kong’s medical staff in their defense of the health of the people of Hong Kong, Mr. Li Ka Shing has personally pledged his support for this initiative. Helping to remove “physical barriers” and allow face-to-face communication, the “Video Visit Service” conveys care and concern between hospitalized AP patients and their families and friends.

Providing full back-up and support, HGC is providing the “Video Visit Service” based on its comprehensive optical fibre broadband network and video telephony services, while CKH is contributing videophones. LKSF is also donating 50 sets of computer equipment to the two Hospitals.

AP, a highly contagious disease, places patients who contract the illness at PMH, followed by convalescent at WTSH for a further two weeks. To keep families and friends abreast of their condition and rate of recovery, computers equipped with video telephony services have been set up in the wards. In turn, they are connected to the Broadband Video Service Centre established at the lobby of the Hospital. With these video enabled conferencing facilities at the Broadband Video Service Centre, families and friends are able to chat face-to-face with patients in the hospital on a real-time basis. To use the “Video Visit Service”, patients will need to contact the ward staff for booking first. The actual video visit time will be subject to the health condition of the patient as well as the booking schedule.

Additionally, videophones provided by CKH have also been set up at PMH. In other words, families and friends at the Broadband Video Service Centre can use the videophones as a further alternative to see and chat with patients in the wards.

The “Video Visit Service” is also supported with complimentary help from :

– Innomedia Pte Ltd.

– Welcome Engineering Co. Ltd.

– Easeful Strategic Ltd.

– The Hong Kong School Net Ltd.

– Jardine OneSolution

– Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Dr Ko Wing-man, Director (Professional Service & Public Affairs) of the Hospital Authority said, “Thanks to the ‘Video Visit Service’, families and friends can now pass on their regards and encouragement to patients, which I believe is a strong factor in their recovery. The Hospital Authority would like to take this opportunity to thank all supporting organizations who have made this service a reality, especially Hutchison Global Communications, the Li Ka-shing Foundation and Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited.”

Steve Lam, Sales and Marketing Director of HGC said, “Hutchison Global Communications is eager to support and help all patients, their family members, and the public amid the many problems raised by the AP outbreak in Hong Kong. The joint efforts of the different supporting organizations who have worked together to provide the ‘Video Visit Service’ demonstrate the unity and spirit that is available in the Hong Kong community.”

24 April 2003