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Decide Well, Spend Wisely
Update on key points
and next steps

28 August 2016

Key points:

1. We are grateful for the overwhelming support and the many great comments, suggestions, and requests we received to fine-tune our implementation of the Project. The main takeaway we have learnt is the inclusion of Yuen Long School District in this year’s programme as Tin Shui Wai is within it. LKSF Chairman Mr Li Ka-shing concurs with the rationale and is happy to expand the Project to cover 63 secondary schools and approximately 6,500 students sitting for the 2017 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Examination (HKDSE).

2. LKSF and with the support of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and St James’ Settlement, will be reaching out to the 63 secondary schools in phases and work with the participating schools to distribute the amount of HK$5,000 in the form of a bank gift cheque. It is anticipated that students will be able to collect the gift cheques in person through the schools from mid-October.


1. What is the majority of the feedback about?

After the announcement of the Project in July, LKSF received lot of emails from 2017 HKDSE students and their parents. Tin Shui Wai residents who are 2017 HKDSE students of secondary schools in Yuen Long hope they could also benefit from Project Decide Well. LKSF acknowledged their suggestions and therefore extended the Project to the entire Yuen Long school district to include all the 2017 HKDSE students there.

2. Can students from other school districts participate in the Project as well?

The eligibility is location-based and 2017 HKDSE students can participate in the Project as long as their secondary schools are in the Outlying Islands and Yuen Long school districts.

3. How will the gift of HK$5,000 be distributed?

We aim to streamline the procedures as much as possible to avoid piling on additional workload onto the participating schools. LKSF will distribute the bank gift cheques to the students through schools according to the list provided by the school.

4. Which type of schools would be eligible?

All Education Bureau-registered full-time secondary schools in the Outlying Islands and Yuen Long school districts providing HKDSE courses can participate in the Project.

5. Would the students have to reimburse LKSF should they decide to drop out or withdraw from the exams?
The 2017 HKDSE students can decide for themselves how to use the distributed funds during the preparation for their exams and the dropouts don’t have to reimburse their funds.

6. Would LKSF continue with the Project?

We will review the efficacy and effectiveness of the Project before deciding the next step. We hoped 2017 HKDSE students would share their ideas and views on our Facebook page “Love Ideas Love HK” to help us gain more insight.

7. Would LKSF expand the Project to include more districts?

We received a lot of invaluable guidance from our friends in the Social Welfare sector, together we will review the efficacy and effectiveness of the Project before deciding the next step.

About “Love HK Your Way!”

“Love HK Your Way!” is a HK$300 million campaign of a series of philanthropic programmes launched by the LKSF in 2010 and it was kicked started with “Love Ideas, Love HK”, an interactive initiative that combined impact of technology, charity and community awareness. The LSKF distributed grants to 763 philanthropic projects elected by the Hong Kong people and to date there have been over 3 million beneficiaries. The programme “The March of Social Engineers” was launched in 2013 to support Hong Kong’s social workers and amalgamate participation, inclusion and responsible citizenship. The 90 selected projects funded by the programme completed successfully and benefitted over 210,000 people.

About the Li Ka Shing Foundation

Established in 1980, the Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF) has four core imperatives: 1) foster change, 2) empower people, 3) develop a better society, and 4) inspire societal improvement. Mr Li considers the Foundation to be his “third son” and has pledged one-third of his assets to it. To date, over HKD20 billion has been put to work to support all its initiatives across 27 countries and regions. 87 per cent of LKSF’s donations benefit projects in the Greater China region.

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