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Action Hero
Li Ka-shing urges alumni to build a better future with their own hands at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business 10th Anniversary

22 November 2012

(Beijing, 22 November 2012) Mr Li Ka-shing urged the 4,000 graduates, faculty and guests at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) 10th anniversary today to commit to all that is just and good, and to be attentive custodians of the future during a time of change and opportunities.

Delivering his speech titled “Action Hero”, Mr Li said it was his belief “My better future is dependent upon a better me” that helped him through a dooming judgement handed down to him by a fortune teller when he was a child. Mr Li believed that the future is characterised and determined by the juxtaposition of chance and choice.

He also warned that even though they have become proud captains of industries or high ranking officials with the keys to resources and opportunities and infinite capacities, they must not yield to complacency. He said when they have achieved all that they set out to do, they also need to reflect what the meaning of our existence is.

Mr Li said the greatest tragedy he knew was “ennui”. Those who are oblivious to the pain of the world and justifying their inertia with a litany of excuses would mire in the misfortunes of gradual decline in relevancy and risk being scorn aside.

Established in 2002 with generous support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, CKGSB continues its traditions as a faculty-governed business school, which helps to ensure an environment conducive to teaching, research and continued recruitment of top scholars from abroad.

Renowned for robust analytics and insights into business dynamics by a world-class faculty, CKGSB has become equally recognised for its highly influential alumni network. For example, over 76 per cent of thestudents and alumniin the EMBA programme are from the most respected companies in the Mainland and hold positions of vice president or higher. The combined revenues controlled by these students totalled US$1 trillion, which is tantamount to the world’s 16th largest economy if deemed as an economic entity.

Since 2003, the CKGSB has developed a large portfolio of strategy cases that generates debate and understanding of the realities of the Chinese business environment. Hundreds of case studies and research reports cover a wide range of topics including strategy and management, marketing and branding, logistics and production, finance, corporate culture, human resources, as well as industry chain. These vast amounts of first-hand materials have addressed how Chinese companies should go global, how multinationals can win out in China, and how family-run firms should handle leadership changes.