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915 Projects Need Your Vote

12 June 2011

(Hong Kong, 12 June 2011) Citizens in Hong Kong are once again invited to vote for the projects they believe will make innovative and positive differences to their communities. Round 2 of the “Love Ideas, Love HK” programme was met with overwhelming enthusiastic response. Among the 1,070 proposals submitted, over 70 per cent were from new applicants.

A total of 915 eligible projects, covering a wide spectrum of services and beneficiaries, will be uploaded to the website and be available for review and voting from tomorrow (13 June) until 3 July. Grants will be given to the top 25 per cent of the projects selected by voters in each grant category.

In addition to online voting, a dedicated voting hotline 3699 8800 will be activated to facilitate offline voting. Any local Hong Kong phone number with caller display is eligible to cast one vote for each project.

Like last round, 10 per cent of the projects listed for voting will be randomly selected to introduce their proposals via Metro Radio and Commercial Radio – starting 15 June.

In Round 2, there are 492 organisations submitting projects, of which over 64 per cent (317 applicants) are educational institutions and charitable institutions submitting applications for the first time. Among the 305 individual applicants, 88 per cent, or 269 applicants, are new applicants. Of the total 797 applicants, the youngest is 13 years old, while the oldest is 79.

Table 1: Statistics of Applicants


Round 2 Round 1
Category Applicant New Applicant Repeat applicant
(Round 1 grant recipient)
Individual 305 269 36 (13) 406
Institution 492 317 175 (76) 404
Total 797 586 211 (89) 810


Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and St James’ Settlement continue their support in this round as the consulting organisation and supporting organisation respectively.

Mr Cliff Choi, Business Director (Sector Development & Partnership) of HKCSS said, “The simple application procedures, diverse funding categories and flexible execution periods of ‘Love Ideas, Love HK’ best suit institutions of smaller scale or the district branches of large charitable institutions in implementing their respective district plans. The programme also bridge the gaps currently not covered by large scale social service plans, and the enthusiastic response from the district branches of different institutions is proof of their love and care of the community.”

“Love Ideas, Love HK” is a public philanthropic campaign initiated by LKSF to engage Hong Kong citizens in a united effort to improve our community. Voting for Round 2 starts from 13 June and continues to 3 July. Winners will be announced on 7 July and will receive grants in 30 days at the earliest. For more information, please refer to

Details of the project applications are as follows:

Table 2: Statistics of Projects


1. Total number of applications received 1,070  
2. Applicants by category:    
    Number of applications Proportion
  Student individuals 34 3%
  Non-student individuals 301 28%
  Educational institutions 116 11%
  Charitable organisations 619 58%
3. Applicants by project nature:    
    Number of applications Proportion
  Education 360 34%
  Healthcare 60 6%
  Culture 140 13%
  Community 402 37%
  Others 108 10%
  Remarks: Beneficiaries of projects include senior citizens, teenagers, people with disabilities, minorities, new immigrants, low-income families, prisoners, etc.
There are also projects advocating cultural development, music, animal care and environmental protection.
4. Eligible applications: 915 86%
5. Expected proportion of winning projects 25%  
6. Expected amount of grant to be awarded: Approximately HK$35 million  


“Love Ideas, Love HK” is the first programme of LKSF’s HK$300 million philanthropic campaign “Love HK Your Way!”, which has also launched an expansion of the “Heart of Gold” Hong Kong Hospice Service Programme, a website called Hospice Home ( and “Love More”, a series of 12 short films reminding Hong Kong of loving one another more.

Through the lens of the 12 young and promising film directors, “Love More” showcased that Hong Kong’s young and old can be thoughtful, caring and capable to bond and love. The films have received tremendous response since their launch in April and recorded a total viewership of over three million at different viewing platforms including the “Love More” website, YouTube, Tudou and Youku. Please refer to the Appendix for detailed breakdowns.

Appendix: Statistics of Love More Viewership


Love More Viewership
(As of 11 June 2011)
Website Viewership
Love More 410,405
YouTube 949,060
Tudou 1,134,769
Youku 527,031
Total 3,021,265