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Keep Loving HK Your Way!

02 May 2011


(Hong Kong, 2 May 2011) The Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF) today announced that round 2 of the “Love Ideas, Love HK” programme will be accepting proposals from 3 May, inviting Hong Kong residents again to love HK in their own creative ways.

The first round launched last September “Love Ideas, Love HK” received enthusiastic response from the community, more than 1,029 creative proposals were submitted, and over 74,000 people voted to elect 177 projects they felt were meaningful to the community. These include ingenious projects like stand-up comedy at the hospital bringing laughter to the patients, keeping a precious moment for the singleton elderly with special photo-shooting service, and caring for unattended teenagers with a pot of warm Chinese soup.

Over HKD28 million were granted and most funded projects are underway. All funded projects are still available for browsing on

Since “Love Ideas, Love HK” in 2010, “Love HK Your Way” campaign has also launched the “Heart of Gold – Hospice Home Community Project” ( in March and “Love More” (, a series of 12 short films, in April.

“Our spirit of generosity defines the essence of our community, innovation and responsibility to each other lends to this spirit, it is wonderful to make a difference together.” said Mr Li Ka-shing, Chairman of LKSF.

The “Love Ideas, Love HK” Round 2 is guided by the same principle as before – With creativity and innovation, you can “Love HK Your Way!” Participants can create their own projects and vote for their favourite ways at Projects that receive the highest number of votes will receive LKSF grants. Hong Kong Council of Social Service and St. James’ Settlement will continue to support the programme as the consulting organisation and supporting organisation respectively. Together, the organisations hope to encourage greater community engagement and participation.

“Love Ideas, Love HK” Round 2 is now accepting creative proposals that care for the community. Those seeking grants can submit their projects at, describing why they merit support and use social media tools to encourage voting from Hong Kong residents. Grants are available for individual student and non-student applicants, educational institutions, and charitable organisations. The grants categories of the programme are as follows:


Grant categories Applicant categories

HK$25,000 or below Student Individuals

Non-student Individuals

Educational Institutions

Charitable Organisations


HK$25,001 to HK$50,000 Educational Institutions

Charitable Organisations


HK$50,001 to HK$100,000 Educational Institutions

Charitable Organisations


HK$100,001 to HK$200,000 Educational Institutions

Charitable Organisations


HK$200,001 to HK$300,000 Charitable Organisations

“Love Ideas, Love HK” aims to unite the kindness and generosity of all Hong Kong citizens and empower improvement of the community through a collective effort. Applications are accepted from 3 May until 16 May with voting from 13 June to 3 July. Winners will be announced on 7 July and will receive grants in 30 days at the earliest. For more information, please refer to

About the Advertisements

“Love HK Your Way” has commissioned a set of hand-painted scenes reminiscing Hong Kong’s past for advertisements launching the second round of “Love Ideas, Love HK”. Through these collective memories, it is hoped that it will encourage today’s youths to find innovative ways to love Hong Kong.

About “Love HK Your Way”: Hong Kong Collective Memory

The Hong Kong Collective Memory Collection takes the people, places and happenings of Hong Kong’s past as its theme. A bustling street, a warm little alley, or a fruit stand, each is a part of Hong Kong’s collective memories. These city scenes are unique to Hong Kong and also serve to stir the creative juices of Hong Kong’s creative talents. Hong Kong Collective Memory is crafted by renowned Hong Kong comic artist Lai Tat Tat Wing and produced by Mathias Woo. The collection is drawn by young Hong Kong artists.

It is the first time these artists have produced a set of four pieces with “Memories from the street” as the theme of their work. In his piece, “Peaches”, Yeung Chi-hang reminisced an old fruit stand on the streets of Hong Kong with his fantasy of floating peaches flying everywhere. Lin Kwan-sing’s “Goldfish” focuses on his memories of a goldfish store where as a small boy, he thought the goldfish were flying over his head. To Hon-yeung got his inspiration from lion dances on the streets in “Lion Dance”, where a modern “Buddha” symbolizes how the craft is passed down generation to generation. Chan Suet-yin in “Street view” uses Pottinger Street as background where street vendors selling preserved fruits brings back an air of nostalgia.




Piece: “Lion Dance”

Artist: To Hon-yeung

Personal Profile: Works in the creative industry as a designer and iconographer. In 2000, he was awarded with outstanding recognitions in the “30the World School Children’s Painting Exhibition” and the Wanchai Lantern design competition. In 2008, he received the “Yeung Kai Yin Memorial scholarship”. In 2009, he participated in a creativity competition sponsored by Vivienne Westwood where his oil painting received first place.

Piece: “Peaches”

Artist: Yeung Chi-hang

Personal Profile: Started drawing in 2006. His work is seen in newspapers and magazines. His most recent work is in “I’m not a bad egg” by Craig Auyeung. He is now concentrating on a collection of stalls.



Piece: “Street view”

Artist: Chan Suet-yin

Personal Profile: Iconograph designer. Likes to paint and loves the arts. Her goal is to attract more Hong Kong people to love the arts.

Piece: “Goldfish”

Artist: Lin Kwan-sing

Personal Profile: He graduated from Baptist University’s Academy of Visual Arts in 2010 with a passion for drawing. He has been drawing non-stop since graduation and hopes to be able to complete a signature piece while still young.