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Vote to Love HK Your Way

31 October 2010


(Hong Kong, 31 October 2010) “Love Ideas, Love HK”, the public philanthropic programme launched by Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF) received overwhelming response – more than a thousand proposals were submitted amongst which approximately 700 projects will be listed for public voting on the website The voting period will commence on 1 November until 21 November.

Grants will be awarded to the top 25 per cent of the listed projects selected by the voters, and the total first round funding is expected to be around HKD28 million.

In addition, 10 per cent of the accepted applicants will be randomly selected to promote their messages via radio – Metro Radio and Commercial Radio – starting 1 November.

Due to the encouraging response, LKSF will launch a second round of “Love Ideas, Love HK”. Details will be announced in December.

LKSF Chairman Mr Li Ka-shing commented on the positive impact of the programme. “I am very moved by the dedication and passion of the members of our community who are caring and committed to our society. I would also like to express my deep appreciation to the many organisations who have given us valuable advice and support,” he said.

“Love Ideas, Love HK” is the first initiative of LKSF HKD300-million public philanthropic campaign “Love HK Your Way!” to engage Hong Kong citizens in a united effort to improve our community. Combining the powers of technology, charity and community awareness, the programme encourages Hong Kong residents to determine which projects that are beneficial to their community should receive LKSF grants.

The followings are some statistics about the first round of applications:

1. Total number of applications received: 1,029


2. Applicants by category:

No. of applications Proportion

Student individuals 100 10%

Non-student individuals 346 33%

Educational institutions 110 11%

Charitable organisations 473 46%


3. Individual applicants by age:

No. of applications Proportion

Below 18 54人 12%

18 and above 392人 88%


4. Applications by project nature

No. of applications Proportion

Education 335 33%

Medical 84 8%

Community 156 15%

Others 333 32%

Others 121 12%

Remarks: Beneficiaries of projects include senior citizens, teenagers, people with disabilities, minorities, new immigrants, low-income families, prisoners, etc.

There are also projects advocating cultural development, music, animal care and environmental protection.


5. Eligible applications: 674


6. Expected number of winning projects: 25%


7. Expected amount of grant to be awarded Approximately HK$28 million