Press Releases

Important Notice

17 December 2009


It has recently come to our attention that an unscrupulous party, who claimed himself to be “Victor Ka Shing” and alleged to be connected with Li Ka-shing Foundation (“the Foundation”) and/or our Chairman, Mr. Li Ka-shing, and/or his son, Mr. Victor Li (one of the directors of the Foundation), has been carrying out certain illegal and/or fraudulent activities in such disguise. These activities are mainly conducted in the form of Internet scams including:-

(1) Issuing fraudulent letters and/or sending fraudulent emails to various charitable organizations by claiming himself to be the son of our Chairman and making monetary donations to those charitable organizations.

(2) Sending fraudulent emails to those charitable organizations, requesting those charitable organizations to provide him with more information about the organizations such as the objectives of those charitable organizations, contact phone numbers and details of their bank accounts where transfer of donations can be made.

Please be alert of the aforesaid illegal and/or fraudulent activities, which were conducted without the approval and/or consent of the Foundation and/or Mr. Li Ka-shing and/or Mr. Victor Li. We hereby make a formal declaration that the Foundation, Mr. Li Ka-shing and Mr. Victor Li have no connection with those illegal and/or fraudulent activities. We are now taking all necessary and active steps to stop those activities.

The aforesaid illegal and/or fraudulent activities may amount to criminal offences and we trust that charitable organizations are their main targets. If you receive any of the above suspicious communications and/or information in the future, please contact us for verifications immediately.

Li Ka-shing Foundation