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Queen of the Net tells Internet trends

06 November 2005


(Hong Kong, 6 November 2005) Managing Director and Global Internet Analyst of Morgan Stanley Mary Meeker will share her views on the global trends of the Internet and China’s on-line business future with a group of university students in Shantou, Shanghai and Hong Kong tomorrow.

Organised by the Shantou University (STU) and co-hosted by the University of Hong Kong and the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Shanghai, the talk will be held simultaneously in the three cities through video link.

The Shantou University hopes to remove barriers in learning and make knowledge accessible widely through the use of information technology.

Ms Meeker, dubbed as “Queen of the Net” for her work and focus on the evolution of the Internet, is also a co-leader of the global technology research team at Morgan Stanley.

She has an impressive track record of understanding emerging technology trends and companies and was an early and consistent believer in opportunities related to the development of the Internet.

Ms Meeker was one of the first Wall Street analysts to cover Microsoft, Dell, Intuit, AOL, Netscape, Yahoo!,, VeriSign, eBay and Google.

She is co-author of the industry defining books, The Internet Report (1995) and The Internet Advertising Report (1996) and co-author of The Internet Retailing Report (1997), The Online Classified Advertising Report: It’s About Search / Find / Obtain (SFO) (2002), The China Internet Report (2004) and The Technology IPO Yearbook.

Ms Meeker joined Morgan Stanley in 1991. Prior to that, she was a technology research analyst at Cowen and Salomon Brothers. She attended DePauw University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Doctor of Letters. She has a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Cornell University.

With the help of modern technology, Ms Meeker will be speaking to about 700 students on the global trends in internet and China’s online future. Ms Meeker will also talk about what it takes to be a good analyst.

Apart from Ms Meeker, STU has invited other prominent speakers to talk to its students on various topics before. Previous speakers attending the STU talks included Dr David Ho, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center and Irene Diamond Professor of The Rockefeller University; Mrs Laura Cha, former Vice-Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission; Mr Long Yongtu, Secretary-General of Boao Forum for Asia and Mr Stephen Chiau, renowned actor and comedian.

Nov 06, 2005