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Professor meets Director, Leo Lee and Stephen Chiau resume their conversation at Shantou University

21 October 2004


(October 21, 2004, Hong Kong) There was a full house when Professor Leo Lee met with Actor/Director Stephen Chiau at the University of Hong Kong last week. The two men will meet again this Friday at Shantou University and resume their dialogue on the relationship between film and culture.

The debate in Shantou, entitled “Between Modernism and Post-modernism”, is hosted by the Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication at Shantou University. Both seminars were organized by Professor Ying Chan, who teaches at the University of Hong Kong and also acts as Director of the Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication.

In their Hong Kong meeting, Professor Lee commended Chiau on his unique style and creativity. His films were funny, insolent, and mischievous, and his eclecticism personified postmodernism. Professor Lee said Chiaus films amply reflected local culture while attracting a much wider audience.

Chiau graciously thanked Professor Lee, saying that his passion for moviemaking drives him toward higher goals. Chiau explained that his grassroots background inspires him to tell stories that are close to his heart.

Chiau said movies can be about anything, but the one ingredient that they must not lack is emotion. Movies are not only popular entertainment, Chiau said. They are also a popular form of art, which is why he wants to gain as wide an audience as possible.

These two men could not be more different in appearance. One, a professor and leading scholar; the other, a talented prankster with a knack for moviemaking. Their paths will cross again in Shantou, where their candid discussion on modernism and postmodernism will resume.