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Shantou University’s Xinchao Movement promotes renewal of Chaozhou culture

17 April 2004


Xinchao Movement is an academic exchange program established by Shantou University to promote Chaozhou culture and the spirit of Chaozhou people. The Movement aims to renew interest in Chaozhou’s unique cultural traditions and to strengthen the cultural identity of Chaozhou natives through a number of events and activities. By spearheading the Xinchao Movement, Shantou University also hopes to boost its role as a think tank for the region.

The first major event was the Xinchao Concert held on April 16 attended by 2,000 students and teachers at Shantou University. Performers in the Xinchao Concert included Chaozhou natives such as Miriam Yeung, Anthony Wong, Chet Lam, and the duet ‘at 17’.

The concert provided an opportunity for the Hong Kong performers to rediscover their cultural roots and for young people in Shantou to be exposed to Hong Kong’s mainstream and alternative music.

The general perception of Chaozhou natives is that they are conservative and traditional. But the reality is that Chaozhou natives have established themselves in Chinese communities all over the world in areas as diverse as business, education, culture and entertainment, and politics. Their work ethic, thirst for knowledge, and progressive yet pragmatic character symbolize all that is good about Chaozhou.

The 21st century heralds the age of knowledge. Advanced communications technologies have fostered more open and diverse societies that are more connected than ever. China is a vast country with many different cultures. Shantou University, one of the major projects supported by the Li Ka-shing Foundation, is the only general university serving a population of 10 million in the Chaozhou-Shantou area. In addition to promoting economic, cultural and scientific advances, Shantou University has also achieved success in the study and research of Chaozhou culture. Over 20 papers on the topic have been published. The University library has developed a special Chaozhou Collection dedicated to the collection and preservation of important cultural resources. Shantou University students are active participants in the region’s economic and cultural activities, taking part in over 100 collaborative projects with local government and industry. In recent years, Shantou University has initiated a number of cultural exchange programs with Hong Kong youth.

Shantou University is the driving force behind the Xinchao Movement, with the ultimate goals of promoting the innovative character of Chaozhou natives, enhancing understanding of the Chaozhou spirit, strengthening ties between Chaozhou and the international community, and fostering a new Chaozhou culture that is rooted in tradition but forward-looking.

Other activities in the Xinchao Movement, including a brand research project and a Xinchao Movement web site, will be launched later this year.

17 Apr 2004